If you could ask Ted Allen ANYTHING…

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Knock over your television and climb right onto Ted Allen’s set. Fine. Not really to his actual stage spot… BUT, now is your chance to talk to the quirky food personality instead of begging the screen to respond.

tedallenHere’s the deal: I scored an interview with Ted this Monday to chat about hosting the new Chopped episodes premiering next week. So…. Ten, Nine, Eight step away and fire your questions to me for culinary guru Ted Allen, and I’ll pick a few to ask him. If you’re curious as to what top three Chopped secret ingredients Mr. Allen would choose, or what guest judges he’d like to see on the show – now is the time to ask. Send away. You have until this Sunday (6/14) at midnight.

Yours Truly- The SC

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Comments (19)

  1. OK! beyond personality and skill, what else can be presented to be on the show ?!? What is the true criteria behind the contestants – because I am dying to get on there!!!

    • grizmoose1 says:

      TO WIIN…APPARENTLY YOU FIRST, HAVE TO BE A MAN…OR CLOSE TO A MAN! If you are a "butch" female or a "girly man"…you won't win!…if you're a big fat, sweaty, bald, sloppy male…YOU'RE IN, BABY!!!

  2. Gina says:

    Has there been a basket ingridient that you thought was impossible to work with?

  3. Tracy says:

    Setting aside the dropped food and tasting with cooking spoons, what’s the most cringe-worthy thing you’ve seen in the Chopped kitchens so far?

  4. Amy says:

    Why do you think women have been so unsuccessful on the show? Are there really so few female chefs out there?

    Also, when do we get to see you and the judges compete on Chopped, because that would be AWESOME.

    • grizmoose1 says:

      Amy…I truly think that ALEX is NOT attracted to them…lol! I can't believe how many women have been booted off this show THAT DON'T DESERVE TO BE. This week…The Ultimate Face Off…Natalie DESERVED TO WIN. The guy who won, James Briscione, was a total "mess." At one point, his face was covered with sweat, and white sauce…he had food all over the front of him…and, of course, he beat the girl who was focused, plated beautifully, and made good food! See, here's the story…women have been cooking for years, when a man does it…they make it some kind of "phenomena." I mean, look at waitresses…when a man becomes a waiter…omg, all of a sudden a fried egg becomes "ovum del calor." Everything a woman's been doing for years when placed in a man's hands increases in pay and the act itself is perceived as "prestigious"…when a woman does a man's job, the pay drops…BUT, here's the kicker…IT GET DONE BETTER, FASTER AND WITH SHEAR BRILLIANCE! I can't stand the judges…they're full of it…and "it" ain't food!!!

  5. Denise says:

    Several of the early contestants were vegetarian/vegan chefs, and they had great difficulty when presented with animal protein as part of their basket. Are they told in advance that this is likely one of their challenges? It seems that anyone who knows they’ll have to work with all types of food would want to practice with many varieties first, and if they can’t do that they might want to abstain from the competition.

  6. Robin Koury says:

    Each episode features 3 very different chefs. How does the production company select which 3 chefs to group together to create the best episode. Also, are the baskets of food selected based upon the chef contestants or are they selected at random.

  7. Cam says:

    Do you get to have any say in the judging process or ingredient selection? Do you get to taste the food? I know I always get hungry from watching these shows!

  8. Monika Linke says:

    Ted, what are you trying to achieve here? This show is a terrible disappointment for me. The “fast-paced” premise is too rushed. The judges are obnoxious snobs and I feel sorry for these chefs whose talents are “chopped” into 20 minute segments. The only thing I’m learning from this show is that food critics are little more than a flash in the pan.

  9. vic says:

    i agree with you guys who posted your comments, another thing I do not like chef Alexandra to be one of the judges there, why? she’s so rude and mean..

    • pemaddin says:

      Exactly, she is soooooooooo condecending to EVERYONE and the looks on her face are really scary sometimes. I watched her little instruction show twice and couldn't take another minute of it. PLEASE get another judge. You can comment and express your opinion without the mean rudeness Alexandra. Thanks vic for your comment.

  10. Paul says:

    Oh, come on Monika. “Fast-paced” is the name of the game these days.. and don’t feel sorry for the chefs who are living out their dreams by being on the show :)

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