Bobby Flay Quizdown — Contest!

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Submissions are now closed! Three winners will be chosen by our Food Network limerick experts this week and notified by email. Check back on The FN Dish to see the winning limericks later in the week.


We’re giving away THREE autographed copies of Bobby Flay’s new book, Burgers, Fries & Shakes. To WIN, create an original limerick with the subject either about Bobby Flay or burgers.

What is a limerick, you ask
? A limerick is a five-line poem with an AABBA rhyming pattern. Here’s an example to get your juices flowing:

There once was a cow named “Fate”
The laziest in all of upstate.
She only ate grass
And passed lots of gas.
Now, she lays on my plate

(By entering a comment, you agree to these contest rules).

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Comments (223)

  1. Craig Hall says:

    That Bobby he does love the Pepper
    On your skin you’ll feel like a Leper
    But skilled with the heat
    His food can’t be beat
    With a drink you won’t be a sipper

  2. Jim Peterson says:

    An intrepid young chef named Flay,
    In Kitchen Stadium he does play,
    When this boy met his grill,
    It was such a big thrill,
    Now he cooks on t.v. all day.

  3. Marti says:

    “I’ve watched every episode of The Next Food Network Star and I think this competition is great. However, I don’t think it is fair at this point in the competition to make them work together in pairs and get judged on how they work together. You are only going to give a new show to one person, so….. only fair to make them compete one-on-one.”

  4. Becky says:

    It's been fun entering limericks for Bobby

    Because writing this verse is my hobby.

    Now the challenge has ended.

    I hope no one's offended

    If for more limerick contests I lobby!

  5. Becky says:

    For some reason I thought this contest ended on the 9th, until I rechecked the rules this morning. I still have a few limericks left, so here they are, just for fun:

    Bobby Flay has just published a book
    That will help us improve how we cook
    All our burgers and fries.
    Here’s word to the wise —
    You must certainly give it a look!

    The cow population’s in fear
    When Chef Bobby Flay comes too near.
    They all shake like a leaf
    When he hankers for beef.
    Soon their flanks could be braising in beer!

    As a chef Bobby Flay is untiring
    And his food is quite truly inspiring.
    All his fans express wishes
    To prepare his great dishes,
    So his new book they will be desiring.

    I have a good friend who’s a cow.
    She said to me “I don’t know how
    I can get through each day
    When I know Bobby Flay
    Is focused on hamburgers now!”

    Seriously, I just wanted to thank you again for this contest, Food Network. I think the limerick is an underappreciated art form — most people turn and run the other way when they hear one coming! You all are great — or just gluttons for punishment!

  6. terry says:

    A 3rd generation Irishman
    Now a successful American
    Wows us with grillin’
    To watch him is thrillin’
    I am his forever fan!

  7. Bonita Voigt says:

    Still waiting to see who the winners are.

  8. Elaine Reeves says:

    I was wondering where the results are for the winners? Thanks. :-)

  9. Xem them says:

    Some genuinely good information , Gladiola I observed this.

  10. great i love it

    thank for your sharing

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