Bobby Flay Quizdown — Contest!

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Submissions are now closed! Three winners will be chosen by our Food Network limerick experts this week and notified by email. Check back on The FN Dish to see the winning limericks later in the week.


We’re giving away THREE autographed copies of Bobby Flay’s new book, Burgers, Fries & Shakes. To WIN, create an original limerick with the subject either about Bobby Flay or burgers.

What is a limerick, you ask
? A limerick is a five-line poem with an AABBA rhyming pattern. Here’s an example to get your juices flowing:

There once was a cow named “Fate”
The laziest in all of upstate.
She only ate grass
And passed lots of gas.
Now, she lays on my plate

(By entering a comment, you agree to these contest rules).

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Comments (223)

  1. Rose Sherwood says:

    We’ll all be done with all this fun
    Writing Flay rhymes for burgers and buns.
    We’ve taken our time
    To produce the sublime.
    Now Bobby will decide who has won.

    My husband and I can get on with life.
    Our daughter no longer will have strife.
    We’ve all had fun,
    Laughed to the bathroom run.
    Bobby’s the chef who holds the knife.

  2. Terry Sherwood says:

    That poor Top Chef Bobby “Bo” Flay,
    Has me limited to one limerick a day.
    The more that I think,
    The less that I stink,
    Now I’ll go outside and play.

  3. Craig Hall says:

    That Bobby he’s the Master Griller
    Prime beef – he uses no filler
    Eating his treats
    Made of spiced meat
    When done you’ll beg for a chiller

  4. Bonita Voigt says:

    Bobby is a burger man,
    his patties are o’ so grand!
    With cheese that is gooey,
    lip-smackin’ and ooey.
    They even make Emeril shout, “BAM!”

  5. There once was a redhead named Flay
    On the grill he would play everyday
    He used chips to add crunch
    For a burger with punch
    Now I only will eat them that way!

  6. Dawn Milam says:

    Miami…or Napa… Oh! Dallas, I think
    Well-done or medium with an inside that’s pink,
    Add some pickles and fries
    My stomach’s fooled by my eyes
    But what the heck! No calories! (Wink Wink!)

  7. Terry and Rose Sherwood says:

    Thank you FN for all of the fun.
    We’ve played the game and had a good run.
    It’s Bobby’s last wish
    That we should finish.
    Flay’s burgers have certainly won!

  8. Diana Holland says:

    Oh, There once was a guy with a look
    Heaven knows, that this bad boy could cook
    Yet his Burgers and Fries
    They will be my demise
    If I cook everything in his book.

  9. Dixie Arneson says:

    There is a gentleman named Flay
    Who prefers a crunch burger his way.
    “Melt the cheese completely!”
    Add a shake neatly
    And fries to brighten your day!

  10. Elaine Reeves says:

    To Food Network’s contest, what can I say
    Soon someone’s bound to challenge Bobby Flay
    For his yummy burger cuisine
    So viewers watch your tv screen
    It’ll be an exciting throwdown day.

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