Bobby Flay Quizdown — Contest!

by in View All Posts, June 29th, 2009


Submissions are now closed! Three winners will be chosen by our Food Network limerick experts this week and notified by email. Check back on The FN Dish to see the winning limericks later in the week.


We’re giving away THREE autographed copies of Bobby Flay’s new book, Burgers, Fries & Shakes. To WIN, create an original limerick with the subject either about Bobby Flay or burgers.

What is a limerick, you ask
? A limerick is a five-line poem with an AABBA rhyming pattern. Here’s an example to get your juices flowing:

There once was a cow named “Fate”
The laziest in all of upstate.
She only ate grass
And passed lots of gas.
Now, she lays on my plate

(By entering a comment, you agree to these contest rules).

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Comments (223)

  1. Rose Sherwood says:

    Bobby’s the chef who commands top fees.
    Even though he cooks with bottles that squeeze.
    He pours, spices and seasons,
    All with finesse and reasons.
    So what’s up with all this melted cheese?

  2. Robin says:

    I love to watch Chef Bobby Flay
    I record his Food Network Shows all day
    Whether he’s throwin’ down or grilling
    It’s all so very thrilling
    I wouldn’t want it any other way

  3. Lisa Kollman says:

    His food on your tongue is a treat
    An Iron Chef with a secret weapon….HEAT!
    In my book this guy can’t be beat
    A table at the Palace would just make my day,
    But only if I’m sitting with FLAY!

  4. Lisa Kollman says:

    Oh, that gorgeous red hair!
    That man cooks with such flair!
    He’s grilling some burgers with ancho on top
    And we’ll gobble em down, and our stomachs will pop!
    So thanks for inspiring us with the recipes you share.

    Lisa Kollman- Posted #2, because the first did not have the AABBA.

  5. Bonita Voigt says:

    Bobby is a burger man
    his patties are o’ so grand!
    With cheese that is gooey
    lip-smackin’ and ooey.
    They even make Emeril shout “BAM!”

  6. Bonita Voigt says:

    Bobby is a burger man
    his patties are o’ so grand!
    With cheese that is gooey,
    lip-smackin’ and ooey.
    They even make Emeril shout “BAM!”

    Couldn’t find the online entry form either, but I’m not going to be putting my personal info out on the www.

  7. Elaine Reeves says:

    Hey all you Bobby flay fans out there
    BBP is exceptional fare
    Get your burger cravings satisfied
    For a special treat do, “crunchified”
    It’s a lingering flavor affair

  8. Karen Saracina says:

    Bobby Flay, the burger man
    Cooks on a grill, no need for a pan.
    Hot peppers, spices – so much fun!
    My favorite meal on a bun.
    Eat just one if you can!

  9. Becky says:

    Bobby Flay has consented thus far
    To host “The Next Food Network Star”.
    He will give each blog sender
    Who picks the contender
    To win Season Five a cigar!

  10. Becky says:

    P.S. Please do not hold Bobby Flay to the cigar thing — another characteristic of limericks is that they tend to be nonsensical!

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