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by in View All Posts, June 1st, 2009

We are all the buzz about Daisy Martinez’s “In The Kitchen” show, Viva Daisy. Right now in my department, Creative Services, we are all busy working on promoting the next season.

I literally just sat in on a brainstorming session with the producer and designer of the launch spot (a promo that lets you know when the new season is going to air and highlights the overall season with copy writing and footage) for the new season, as they discussed (top secret) ideas for the new spot. More to come on that later…

I was lucky enough to tag along with (Michael) Feimster on my first show shoot in the studios here in Chelsea. As you remember from Feimster’s first appearance on The FN Dish, he is tasked with shooting behind the scenes on all of our shows. We then use that footage to promote the shows and talent. So who knows, maybe some of the below footage we shot on Daisy’s set will finally get its day in the sun? From Feimster’s camera, to my amateur editing skills, to you:

One of my favorite moments, was actually getting to take pictures of Daisy for this blog. I felt very official, but awkward as I did my best wallflower impression to stay incognito. Daisy, who seemed right at home (on her home set), interacted with everyone in a professional, open, and kind way.

By the way, you wouldn’t believe the extraordinary amount of props that go into creating the world you see in the show. I can’t even describe it, nor does this picture show the magnitude of it, but I assure you that there is a bowl, plate, and cup for every dish combination imaginable.

As a show production outsider, observing the crew, and watching the ongoing preparation from everyone from the culinary department, to the production department, it’s overwhelming to think of all the work that goes into creating those 22 minutes that you see on air.

Happy Monday,
Sommer, Creative Services

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