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What does everyone think about Susie Fogelson, of The Next Food Network Star selection committee, posting her own vlogs each week here on The FN Dish?

Viewers would be invited to submit questions directly to Susie via after the premiere this Sunday, June 7th @9pm. Susie would then answer viewer submitted questions on a vlog post that following Friday, June 12th.

What do you guys think?

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Comments (4)

  1. Cheft says:

    Since I have high speed now vlog’s are fine, but if I was still on dial up, I would have said no way, give me a written log, and answers. Is she going to pick the questions ? or is someone doing that for her, than it would lead to well who ever picking the question is controlling the flow of the conversation.

  2. Lana says:

    Cheft has a good point. However I’ve noticed I don’t have the buffering problem with the “follow my fork” segments. Consider using that format for vlogs?

    For a real interactive experience, consider a live chat environment?

  3. The FN Dish says:

    @ Cheft – Yeah, viewing any video online with dial-up is always difficult…but because Susie is so expressive, we thought a vlog would be a more personal approach.

    Depending on how much response we get from folks submitting questions, and taking into consideration how busy Susie is, we’ll help narrow the questions down for her and then have her ultimately decide of course which questions she’d like to pick!

    @ Lana – We’ve definitely had our fair share of buffering problems! And yes, we actually use two different players on the site, and so we WILL be using the same player for Susie’s vlogs that Secretary Confidential uses for the “Follow My Fork” videos! We’re constantly working on those buffering issues! :)

    Live chat would absolutely be neat! Great idea! Not sure we have the resources now to implement that…but something to work towards, for sure!

  4. Lolah G. says:

    I voted no to viewer questions (all the time??) I really enjoyed Susie’s logs from last season with her reflections on the show and contestants and what her impressions. I want Susie talking; rambling, whatever…not q & a (i.e. completely scripted.)
    Plus..I always liked the discussions between the judges on the merits (or lack thereof) on a food offering or contestant. I know Bob has his blog (Yay!) but inquiring busybodies love the “fly on the wall” feeling from these discussions. Any chance for a linked web log for the post-mortems?

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