Ask Susie – Episode 4

by in View All Posts, June 26th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 4? Now you can ask her!

After you watch Episode 4 THIS Sunday, 9pm/8c, write all of your burning questions in the comments section within this post! Susie will pick a few of the best questions and answer you directly via vlog next Friday, July 3.

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Comments (552)

  1. Holly says:

    All I can say is, let’s not re-create last season, where Big Daddy, Aaron is boring and uninspiring (regardless of his cooking ability) and Adam’s show is fun and exciting and his personality makes you want to see the next episode, regardless of whether or not he’s creating the next biggest thing on the dinner table.

  2. Judy Maher says:

    Why do you keep Jamika? She is terrible.
    Sunday night she was standing like a Zombie. You told her she was the best when she only did 2 sides on an earlier show. She is terrible. Jeffrey is the Best!

  3. sandee says:

    Well, I just watched the mid term episode. I disagree with the 3 people picked to be in the bottom. Although I think you made the right choice in the elimination, I think Debbie and Melissa should have been the other two in the bottom. Debbie is sneaky and a liar and Melissa is just way too bubbly, emotional and comes off a fake (she’d make me nervous watching her on a show…I’d want to put a piece of tape over her mouth). In my mind Jeffrey is by far the best, funny yet mellow enough to go with the flow. Jamika would come in second, good personality and friendly.

    Also, with the exception of Ina, the other food network stars that have been on have been very condesending in their attitude toward the contestants, especially Rachael Ray and Giada. Have they forgotten that they too were very green in the food business when they started? In fact, Rachael is way overexposed and I no longer watch any of her shows.

    Michael kinda reminds me of Guy (who I just can’t get enough of), a quirky good cook with a ton of personality.

  4. Vannie says:

    Why is it when the finalist use store bought products they get penalized? But on the food network, Sandra Lee’s show is all about using store bought food, even Paula Deen uses store bought pudding. Debbie got in trouble for serving angel food cake the first episode, but Sandra Lee had an entire episode on using store bought angel food cake, and canned frosting.
    Its very hypocritical that you allow a show about using store bought food to be on air, but dont allow it in a competition. Sandra Lee who has a show on air is someone who should be a role model. So she can do it, but the finalists cant?

  5. Wendy from FL says:

    Hi Susie. My kids & I love The Food Network but I’m really amazed at the ethical delimmas and “food fights” there have been this year. No one has consistantly outshined the other in both presentation and cooking know how. I liked Michael at first and his food looks delicious and I liked Debbie and still like her on air “likeability” although her ethics bother me a bit. I like Jamika and she seemed very easy going and relatable until she acted like a spoiled kid that didn’t get her way when she was paired with Jeffrey and didn’t get her way (she was still sulking from the last challenge). I agree with you…I didn’t feel sorry for her, she could’ve spoken up on Rachel’s show rather than looking irritated and just blinking quickly showing how unhappy she was. I think while Melissa may seem over the top with energy sometimes, as a mom myself, she’s relatable, good in front of the camera, and makes delicious looking food that I could and would serve my family. So, now…my question. Do you guys take into account kitchen mishaps that totally trash a dish that may have been fabulous otherwise? Specifically, I’m speaking of Jamika’s gooey potatoes. She knew it would ruin the dish b/c she didn’t have time to properly cook them which ruined her dish, but that doesn’t show a lack of cooking knowledge just a lack of time or equipment malfunctioning. I’ve seen it happen in other seasons and I’m wondering if you consider that when judging the dish?

  6. chocolate says:

    susie, after I watched the 5th episode and heard your comments for debbie you have finally admitted that you are a fan of her needless to say our opinion is useless it seems your vote will be for Debbie because I did not hear any bad comment from you for Debbie, I agree with Bobby Flay that Debbie is always emphasizing that she is a Korean so what?? all I can say if she acted that way on her presentations She was just fake and plastic I mean not real. Jeffrey is the best and he is considerate to his co-finalists too and he is really delightful to watch on TV if you are really looking for a TRULY FN star he’s the best. If you make Debbie wins sorry to say nobody will watch her, maybe only you sussie betcha.

  7. Lori says:

    What can I say? It was time for Katie to go last night but at the same time, Michael is no winner either. Debbie is a chef? that I would not tune in to watch. Jamika wants to be included in the line up with the Neeley’s, Big Daddy and I never watch their antics at all.

    Jeffrey right now is the person with his own style and I will say fits in with the TV Food Network.

    I cannot see Jamika on the level with Giada or Ina.

    Debbie please send home. Ugh…enough of her Korean line! And you think she would have enough smarts by now to stop saying it. Duh.

  8. Jengi says:

    I really appreciate the show and the judges comments, but I don’t understand what it is you see in Jamika? From where I sit I see an unprofessional, mediocre chef who pouts, complains, and is not a team player.

    Yes, I too loved her in the beginning and saw star quality, but her demeanor has proved her to be a falling star. She now annoys me terribly. If she were to revert back to how she came across in the first two shows, I would see her as being insincere and disingenuous.

    Is there something you see that I don’t?

  9. Melissa Fritz says:

    I will be in NYC in September and have been a fan of food network forever back to old Emeril shows and when Iron Chef was dubbed into English and I would love to see a taping. How do I get tickets.

  10. Liz says:

    I don’t like Debbie Lee. She comes across sneaky and manipulative

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