Ask Susie – Episode 3

by in View All Posts, June 19th, 2009

Want to know what Susie really thought about The Next Food Network Star, Episode 3? Now you can ask her!

Thank you for all your submitted questions)! Comments are now CLOSED for this week’s “Ask Susie” Episode 3. Click on the links below to watch Susie’s Answers to your questions.

Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 1
Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 2
Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 3

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Comments (297)

  1. Audrey says:

    UP with Home Cooks! Most viewers are not preparing foie gras but would be interested in ways to make a delicious meal of what is common and affordable.

  2. Jane Merson says:

    I love Ina’s show but I have been disappointed when there are so many Foodnetwork “family” get-togethers and she is not included. It always seems to be the same people – Paula, Giada, Bobby, Alton, etc. Please get Ina to do more!!! I was very happy to see her participation in the last episode of FNS.
    Regarding the NFNS – putting my 2 cents in, I like Jamika & Jeffrey.

  3. Kim says:

    I agree with the contestants on this FNS are boring and I hate the home cook being put down because she’s not a certified chef! I enjoy the FN I watch it every day! Seriously but I do hate a lot of re-runs but on a different kind of note I love to cook always have but would have loved to been able to afford to go to culinary art school but I think I would like to see a home cook that can put things together without all the fancy food. In real life at home all of us don’t do fancy. But I would love to see Jeffery be the next star because he seems confident and comfortable with what he’s doing. I think it would be fun to be on the FNS but I would want to have more fun with food cause that’s what I like to do more than what the contestants show. I know there is a lot of comments for put downs and I could share alot on that but I think you’ve had enough! I’m sure you already have your star picked out regardless. Don’t you think it should be fun it’s too serious but food can be serious when you’re trying to impress FN stars. None of us know what the pressure really is unless we have been there! I do agree with getting rid of Eddie & Teddy too plus Debbie needs to go along with the nutritionist as well.

  4. WisconsinGranny says:

    Susie, you are a very pretty lady and it has been fun to see you in the wardrobe you chose for the shows. The yellow was so lovely, however, the red, white and blue was stunning! Generally speaking re: Food Network shows, the clothes should not intrude on the food, however, you, as a judge, should be well dressed to show your respect for this big show. Bobby Flay has done this, too. My kind of classy New Yorker.

  5. Gloria says:

    Bob Tuschman’s answer of what happened to Amy Finley:

  6. Mo says:

    Susie, You only have one contestant that is worth talking about and that is Jeffrey. We all love him at our home and are cheering for him.

  7. Linda says:

    Everyone is talking about integrity on the FN what about Robert Irvine? He was fired for lying and now he is back so maybe integrity is not an issue after all.

  8. Susan Mega says:

    What happened to Lisa Garza? Why is she not listed with the season 4 – whatever happend to folks? I really wanted her to win and hope she is as successful as she has the drive to be.

  9. Caitlin says:

    hey susie, i’m going to be honest. I hate teddy. I think he will do anything to get ahead in the game. Teddy tries to make himself look better and will put his cooking partners down. i know you said you wanted both eddy and teddy to go and I totally agree. I didn’t like Eddy either. eddy was way too arrogant and he has a bad attitude. I really hope Teddy gets kicked off the next episode, and I’m sure you would agree that you are not to fond of Teddy either. i really think Michael has the star qualities, and he is a really outside the box kind of guy. Teddy is a sissy mary, and cried like a baby on the last episode. I really dont like him! Teddy is a scumbag

  10. Terri says:

    here are my comments and questions related to each person:

    Jeffrey – I just don;t think he makes food that I would even make. I don’t know what it is but I like it but don’t think he would keep my attention on a show.

    Debbie – I like her.

    Katie – is so annoying. Don’t like her. Sorry to say this but I can’t stand how she bugs out her eyes. Plus I am tired of her preachy attitude about food. Would never watch her show.

    Michael – what exactly does “global a go go” even mean. The judges seem to laugh at this and think it is clever but this stay at home mom has no idea what he is talking about. Plus I am tired of him saying “HELLOOOO” Too annoying.

    Teddy – too hyper and can’t be trusted. Stop over-acting HE HAS GOT TO GO GO GO GO GO.

    Melissa – I think if she can tone it down and not be so loud and “smiley” she actually make me able to do a great show for moms.

    Jamika – she is okay but I haven’t like one of her meals yet. Obviously I haven’t tasted them but none have inspired me to say “i want that recipe”

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