Ask Susie – Episode 2

by in View All Posts, June 15th, 2009

Want to know what The Next Food Network Star judge, Susie Fogelson, really thinks about Episode 2? Now you can ask her!

Thank you for all your submitted questions (both the rants and the raves are appreciated)! Comments are now CLOSED for this week’s “Ask Susie” Episode 2. Click on the links below to watch Susie’s Answers to your questions.

Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 1
Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 2

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Comments (121)

  1. Lolah G. says:

    Thanks for your input re: Debbie but after seeing the teaser for episode 3…she’s hoisted on her own petard (or should I say skewered by her pot stickers?) The point is: whatever qualities you all see in her in person do NOT translate to the screen or viewers. And after viewing the disgraceful meltdown by Brett, (wow, I think some massive editing was done in the evaluation segment) which judge carries the most weight (in the final analysis) voting off a contestant? Bob, Bobby or you?
    If FN wants to fill the Asian demographic, why not go to Hong Kong, Thailand or Japan and woo some chefs here?

  2. rose says:

    We love Jeffrey. He is so pleasing to the eyes and NO ONE can articulate the taste of different flavors like he does. Our mouth waters when he talks about food.

  3. Karen says:

    Dang! So much for my spoiler theory. Appearances have been added for everyone except Jen. You are fast!

    Perhaps we will have multiple winners this year (since my other theory flopped). I really do enjoy the program but you folks are really “toying” with us.

  4. Gotta_Glow says:

    I am not surprised that “Bobby was the most upset by Debbie’s transgression.” He is a stand-up guy. If Debbie had ‘forgotten’ or ‘run out of time/money’ some of her own ingredients, I would be more understanding. But Jeffrey was missing THREE of the ingredients he requested. And then to throw in Angel Food cake as an alternative. Self-serving, poor leadership, (poor judgment at the very least)- not someone I would want to emulate.

    If we are talking ‘star quality’ and ‘charisma’ – that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. Debbie doesn’t have it. Jeffrey does. In addition, he is articulate, centered, and can make a dish almost tasteable by describing it. I hope he wins this thing.

  5. Gilly says:

    To what extent was Brett’s throwing Melissa under the bus a factor in his elimination? After tasting the food (and seeing the contestants’ presentations), how long do the judges usually deliberate before reaching a decision? Are the judges’ decisions usually unanimous, or is there often a split? When you judges don’t agree, how do you reach a conclusion? Do you coach contestants on how to dress for their presentations?

  6. Donna says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I don’t enjoy FN much anymore with the exception of Ina, Bobby, Sandra, Tyler. They are the few who can cook, speak, and teach without sounding like laughing hyenas (Paula), or sexually explicit (Neelys), or only can repeat the phrase “There We Go” 64 times in a half hour (Guy). Many of me and my friends are just bored to death with Giada’s constant “color” comments. I know you are trying to reach the “family” audience, but I so preferred Paula all by herself; she becomes some one else entirely when her family is present and it’s irritating. And every time Rachel is on, I change channels because she is loud and obnoxious and calls us “kids”.

    I’m worried that you are creating Food Network Stars who really aren’t. I’d rather have a person on TV that can cook rather than talk incessantly. I’d can Guy in a heartbeat from his food show, but he does a great job on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Can he stop saying “There We Go” every 3 minutes?

  7. AnnieLaurie says:

    First off THANK YOU for sending Brett home he had no business being there to begin with, it was obvious he didnt really want to be there and I feel sorry for whoever got cut so he could be a finalist.

    My question is: Who chooses the challenges for these finalists? Its not “The Next Iron Chef” but at times it seems that the challenges are more appropriate for a seasoned chef (as stated above.) Who was it on the show, or was a preview? I heard someone say one of the current FN Stars, that if they had to go through this comp they wouldn’t make it. Theres something to be said about that. Maybe a fun show if the current stars would do it, like the time Giada battled Rachel in Kitchen Stadium….

    I like it when the show is about presentation, personality, and when the contestant teaches me something new about food, or about themselves. Isn’t that why people watch these shows anyway? I mean, I love Rachel Ray but I don’t watch for her ability to carve raw meat but her personality, relate-ability, and the everyday tips and tricks she shares… for everyday cooks like me.

  8. luvcookin says:

    Hi Karen,

    I just checked and they ALL have appearances listed except for Jen. So much for that theory.

  9. I must admit I am not impressed with anyone yet as far as “star quality” is concerned. I am disappointed that Debbie is still there when Jag was tossed for telling untruths. Brett did a fine job of shooting himself in the foot, and glad he is gone. I think you need to find “personalities” who can cook rather than vice versa. I love the show, it is exciting, and would really love to be there myself, but have not seen many 60 year olds, so don’t think I have much of a chance. Would enjoy seeing the recipes they prepare, however.

  10. Helen says:

    Have all the episodes in this series already been filmed? Just wondered how far in advance this show is produced. Is the finale already filmed, or is it live? (This is my first season to watch, and I’m just curious.)

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