Ask Susie – Episode 2

by in View All Posts, June 15th, 2009

Want to know what The Next Food Network Star judge, Susie Fogelson, really thinks about Episode 2? Now you can ask her!

Thank you for all your submitted questions (both the rants and the raves are appreciated)! Comments are now CLOSED for this week’s “Ask Susie” Episode 2. Click on the links below to watch Susie’s Answers to your questions.

Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 1
Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 2

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Comments (121)

  1. Betty owens says:


  2. susie fogelson says:

    Hello! its Susie Fogelson- I have been looking forward to responding with a few thoughts all day. So, with a full day of work behind me and my girls off to sleep I am just getting to it. First of all, I am so pleased that you all are finding time to ask me your questions. It’s equally as gratifying that you all are enjoying this season of star and feel impassioned enough to pose some good, but hard, questions for me. I will do my best to answer most q’s in the vlog but I felt like I needed to respond to the Debbie “issue” right here. (Bob’s blog touches on this as well so please check that out if you have not.) Also this is purely my opinion so Bob and Bobby’s thoughts are not relfected unless I specify.
    So Jenna’s email got me thinking of a way to explain my thoughts on why we kept Debbie. She is a natural on camera and possesses a very unique culinary pov that intrigues me. I was conflicted about keeping her by because of the anglefood cake issue. Bobby was the most upset by Debbie’s transgression. And I wholeheartedly agree that honesty is a critical part of this job. I guess it comes down to this: I have been doing this show for 5 years and have seen people change over the course of show. Many for the better and some not. But they can, and have, redeemed themselves. Debbie’s lying seemed so defensive and immature, almost like a child, that I couldn’t help but think maybe she just needed a little confidence. So Debbie stays to see another week of challenges and we see what she’s made of.
    I hope this helps. Thanks again, susie

  3. luvcookin says:

    Have you ever been to a true Mardi Gras in New Orleans? I was born and raised in Louisiana and believe me, korean pot stickers are not Mardi Gras food! Debbie at least could have used crawfish, crab or shrimp in the pot stickers to make them closer to Cajun food. Plus, Debbie is a liar. No forgiveness for that.

  4. Flora-JeanHapgood says:

    I think that you where right in Bret and I think you should of gotten rid of Teddy to because they were both in it together. I also think that Melissa does not have what it takes.

  5. Suellen says:

    Thx Susie, for your POV on Debbie.

    Yes folks, let's give it a rest and let Debbie have a "new day". We all know that her food is not creative so let's see what happens going forward. Honestly I feel she won't be eliminated yet as Katie, Eddie, Teddy, and Michael are ahead of her.

    On another note: Thx FN for these blogs so we can get our POV across :)

  6. Carol Donahoo says:


    Debbie’s lying is childlike? All she needs is self-confidence? Give me a break! If I did that at work I would be fired. So should she.

  7. Roma says:

    I saw the sneak peek for next week’s episode…yikes. Seems the stress levels are getting very high for everybody.

    I want to know what happens off-camera for the contestants. Do they get days off to just relax between challenges? What does everybody do to keep stress in check?

  8. Kat Knapp says:

    Ms. Fogelson –
    Immature and childlike? Debbie? More like a baracuda! Are you watching the same Food Network show I am? Get real. Yes, my opinion is colored by the fact that when I grew up the angel food cake we had was made by my mother. She had a large platter upon which she whipped a dozen egg whites. It was really a simple recipe, just took careful separating and an almost tireless right arm. Now that was really food for angels. I don’t expect that from your newbies, but I expect them to have some ideas about good taste and textures and the now infamous ITEGRITY. I would expect the same from you. However, anyone who apparently condones lying and cheating perhaps doesn’t understand good taste. I wish you would stop trying to smooth over the “Debbie debacle” and fess up to bad judgement, boot Debbie out of the door and get on with the show.

  9. alvin garcia says:

    I am curious to know why during the elimination no one even brought to light or discussion Brett’s behaviour towards another finalist. No comment only that of the visual in nature was made towards his behavior and your stopping the potential blood bath. We talk about ethics, chef acumen, morals, trustworthiness, but nothing was said to address his unprofessional behavior. When he was let go it was never addressed, and the decision was based on another issue.

    No follow up with the contestant who was affected was made. I know this is real life, but coaching and approprate feedback is needed. We are only successful with the mentors and feedback we get in our careers.

    The choice to let Brett go was the right choice but I would have let him go based on ethical and professional behavior, even if he would have aced one or both challenges.

  10. Karen says:

    You may not want to print this as it might be a “spoiler”. On Monday, after Episode I, I reviewed the bios of the finalists again. I noticed that 5 of the finalists had upcoming appearances listed in the upper right-hand corner of their bio page. Five of the finalists did not. Two of the finalists that were in the “did not” catagory were Brett and Jen. Hmmmmm? Perhaps the final five are the ones that have appearances scheduled. If so, boy are you going to get some flak! I love it! This has been so much fun. You may not want to print this and I will understand perfectly.

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