ASK SUSIE – Episode 1

by in View All Posts, June 5th, 2009


Want to know what Susie is really thinking about The Next Food Network Star finalists? Now you can ask her!


Thank you for all your submitted questions! Comments are now CLOSED for this week’s “Ask Susie” Episode 1. To watch Susie’s Answers, click on the below links.

Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 1
Watch Susie’s Answers – Episode 2

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Comments (53)

  1. sle says:

    After watching your answer to the readers questions, I am even more shocked that you did not eliminate Debbie. First off when the judges were commenting to Debbie’s regarding the fact that character matters and if they do not trust someone they wont be their star. In Susie’s video she states that she knew Debbie was lying when they were asking her about the angel food cake. If she knew that Debbie had lied now AGAIN in the elimination room when just seconds earlier, Bob spoke to her about trust, why in the world would you not vote her off? This alone should have got Debbie voted off. This is not even considering the fact that she doesn’t help anyone on her team, forgets others ingredients (though she had all of hers) blames the cake on others. When Katie asked her if she purchased the dijon mustard she said yes, lying again and didn’t even stop working on her dish for a moment to help Katie look. The other issue I have with her is that to be on TV encouraging people to cook your recipes her appearance is not at all appealing. The NFNS doesn’t need to look like a model, but I would think at least not unappetizing. I really think the judges should take into consideration what the general public thinks. The last two seasons I have not agreed with the judges choice. I like Guy, but in season 2 I thought Rory should win. Amy didn’t even appreciate the opportunity she was given. I think Aaron, though maybe a nice guy, is very difficult to understand and not someone who should be hosting a TV show. I feel that the food network executives should realize that the public is who will be watching and if we do not like the person, no matter how much the executives do, we will not watch. I would NEVER watch Debbie’s show. She will not grow on me, and as the saying goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression. After reading others posts I know I am not the only one who dislikes Debbie. It looks like about 99% of people feel this way. Please don’t get a TV show to a lying, backstabbing, lack of integrity jerk.

  2. Debbie needs to go , there are several that would be wonderful, Jamika,Jeff,even melissa. Come on lets get someone we would enjoy watching.

  3. Donna says:

    While Jeff is BY FAR my early favorite, I might watch a show staring Jamika. It seems the judges are looking for a personality. I do enjoy Guy but all the food shows do not need that high energy. My very favorite host/cook is Ina Garten and she has a very mild, pleasant personality and God knows she can produce excellent recipes! I also love Tyler Florence and he seems to hit a nice balance of mild showmanship and expertise in his cooking.

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