Behind the Scenes with Feimster

by in View All Posts, May 4th, 2009

Welcome to the first installment of Feimster’s Filming… This is my coworker Michael Feimster, Associate Producer in our department, Creative Services.

Hi Feimster!
Hey everybody!

A part of Michael’s job at Food Network is to shoot behind the scenes footage of talent for our department. Recently, Michael filmed on Guy’s Big Bite’s set.

Michael, can you explain what this particular footage will be used for?
We use this backstage b-roll [additional shots to cutaway from or cover up a main interview or video story] when we’re trying to jazz up the Upfronts [talent or show reels for advertisers]. Or, it can also be used for any [Creative Services] producers who need backstage footage for their promos [on-air commercials]. I shoot about 2 hours worth of b-roll per talent, sometimes more.

Yikes! So you’ve been tapped as the official behind the scenes guy for our department. Which means that you’ve gotten to go to some very cool shoots for exciting & new (sings) upcoming Food Network seasons. Just between us of course, give me the on-set scoop!
I got to meet Guy [Fieri]. He was really fun to shoot, and he’s a well nice well guy and a really nice individual. He’s really professional when the camera’s on, and when the camera stops he can joke around, [but] as soon as the camera starts rolling again he’s back on.

Really, you got to meet Guy?! What did you say to him?
Hi my name is Michael.

(Laughing) Nice! What did he say?
He said that I should feel free to put my camera in the face of any of the crew… that I could help pay them back for always having a camera in his face. (Both laughing) And even when the show cameras stopped rolling, he was cool with me getting the footage I needed.

That’s so awesome! I wish I had been there!
Well, in addition to hanging out with the stars, what I REALLY want to know is, what did the food smell like?
There was something savory in the air at the Guy shoot, a beef dish? I can’t exactly remember the exact ingredients, but it smelled good.

Just for fun, give me three words to sum up the experience of shooting behind the scenes.
Hurry up and wait…stop and go then stop and go again. (laughs)

Even though you didn’t technically say three words, I will accept that answer. Well, I put together some sneak peeks of your Guy’s Big Bite footage. Anything you want to say to the good people of FN Dish about them?
Here is your first look at the behind the scenes promo footage before anyone else gets to see it!

And lastly, what shoots do you have coming up/what will you hopefully have for us?
Rachael Ray, Anne Burrell, and the winner of The Next Food Network Star, somewhere down the line.

Thanks for all the goods Feimster! Til the next time!

Sommer, Creative Services

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Comments (5)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Great behind the scenes footage of Guy! It’s wonderful to see that he is as fun and charismatic behind the scenes as he is “on the scene”! Michael’s job seems quite interesting. I noticed he mentioned that his jobs consists of a lot of “hurry up and wait”. I’d love to know what does everyone do during all of the wait time and how do you remain focused with all of the start and stop during long production days?

  2. Sommer says:

    Hi Robin! Thanks so much for your question! Michael is currently in edit, but he asked me to make sure to post his response to you:
    “During the wait time generally everyone is preparing for the next shot. The camera crew is typically waiting for instructions from the producer/director or stage manager. The producer is making sure the talent is clear on which shots are coming up and what they need the talent to say or do, but the culinary staff are like the unsung heroes. They work closely with the talent on set and make sure the food looks good and is ready for the next shot.

    Me…well I’m trying to figure out which shots will look good for promo and figure out how I can get those shots without getting in the crew’s way. I find that it’s the “start and stop” that keeps you on your toes and focused during the long shoot days. Once you’ve been on the set for a day you kind of get used to it.”

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Lana says:

    Hi Sommer! Please pass along to whoever posted this video for you that I love the format! Whatever technology is used here bypasses the “suffering with buffering” that I usually have to deal with. Thx!

    Feimster, you said you usually get 2 hours of b-roll for each talent. Is that in one day’s worth of production? Or is that from an entire season’s worth?


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