Ace of Cakes is “LOST” on Saturday

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Calling all Lost and Ace of Cakes (AOC) fans — this Saturday, May 9th, the latter is coming to a close at 9:00 PM ET/PT. (Not permentantly, of course…we’re speaking about the AOC season finale).

Hurley (Jorge Garcia), the jolly Lost fellow whose prime island coping technique is finding the concealed sweets and an avid fan of AOC, secured a delicious dessert for the show’s 100th episode celebration – (check out his blog post about it). With quality taste in mind, Garcia called his fave bakery to make a unique creation.

Duff and his crew not only answered the call, but headed out to visit the Aloha State set to hand deliver the party favor. Sadly, SC didn’t get to join the expedition, but she did get to ask all the probing questions to Charm City Cakes. Find out how the extreme bakery handled getting “lost”:

What Lost character on the cake was the most difficult?
Richard Alpert – his head melted off from the humidity and was then eaten.

Who is the biggest Lost fan on Ace of Cakes?
Lauren! She leaves work early to catch it and invites people over to watch it with her only if they SWEAR to not talk during the episode.

What was the most exciting thing you got to see while on the Lost set?
The props department! The propmaster Rob pulled out items used on old episodes – we saw darma beer, darma soap, Aaron’s cradle, airplane puke bags, luggage, everything. AND he gave Kate’s toy airplane to Erica!

What was your favorite part of the cake?
The characters were definitely our favorite part, and we think the best part. Anna and Elena were able to recreate the cast into sugar form perfectly. The Daniel Faraday figure looked so much like him, it was amazing.

The production company for Ace of Cakes also put together this extended video of their visit to the Lost set. It’s a must see. Super cute:

Charm City Cakes also launched a spiffy new website this week with virtual tours of their store, a blog, and a super chic gallery. Between their new website and the finale this Saturday, all AOC fans will be sure to get their sweet fixes!

Eat Well
Secretary Confidential

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Comments (15)

  1. daniel says:

    this is great! jorge is the greatest, such a funny dude!

  2. Lana says:

    Hi S.C. !!

    I’ve been looking forward to this episode! Heard about it several weeks ago. I’ll do my best to tune in (or TIVO at the very least.)

    Thx for the heads up!

  3. xina says:

    I loved the screened beer can logos, these guys are just plain fun with there creation!

  4. Mike B says:

    Coolness…fun times always guaranteed on AOC. Although, I have to say, I'm probably the only non-Lost-fan in the country…but, I still will watch the episode…well, in reruns now I guess.

  5. Ruth Ann says:

    Awesome! I love how the plane is sticking out of the island! Would love to see close up pictures of the characters!

  6. Eleanor says:

    Nice post, SC! I’m happy to hear Richard Alpert melted and not Matthew Fox (swoon).

  7. nicole says:

    Hey SC-
    When will you be on twitter. I’d like to get updates on FN with a BTS look. When will you have your own show? I think you should be the SC reporter and take us through all the shows FN produces.

  8. Michael Nanni says:

    I think SC should have been able to go to the Big Island. I always enjoy getting the behind the scene look at the FN and all its workings. Keep up the good work.

  9. Anna Banana says:

    Details on the cakes alway blow my mind. It’s fun seeing the AOC guys getting as gaga about Lost as the rest of us.

  10. Theresa says:

    I love these secrets, I feel like a know just a little bit more than the average FN fan. Keep it up SC, can’t wait for the next one, like I’d really like to know, what do the FN stars sleep in??? Especially Bobby Flay, hunka-hunka!!!

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