Food Network Fun Fact #1

by in View All Posts, April 7th, 2009

FACT: The Food Network Studio is in the old National Biscuit Company(Nabisco) bakery. The Oreo cookie was first baked here in 1912 and is now the best selling cookie in the world.

Click to check out the original Oreo packaging:

- Joe, Scheduling Manager (Honorary Food Network Historian)

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  1. Robin Koury says:

    It seems incredibly fitting that the Food Network Studios and offices are housed in the birthplace of the Oreo…Even back in 1912 the culinary creative juices were flowing! Joe, your wealth of Food Network knowledge is truly unparalleled. A few of my friends and family members have taken your tour of FN. Each of them finished the tour in awe by your enthusiasm and knowledge!

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