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Hello, FN Dishers!

So, I always thought I’d spot my dream home while flipping through Better Home and Gardens. Imagine my shock when I came across it last week on a trip “to get the mail” (wink, wink). I just happened to stumble onto the new Viva Daisy! set. Oops!

Man, is this set palatial! A real home away from home that inspires some serious envy. And there it is on a sound stage in Chelsea. Believe me, in this city, the average Jane’s apartment serves up the bedroom, kitchen and living room as an all-in-one combo (read: an itty-bitty studio). This set, however, could easily house a family of five.

What I drooled over the most:
1) The foyer. Find me the Manhattanite that can define such a word.
2) Forget a walk-in closet, this baby has a walk-in pantry! All the food stacked on these shelves is edible and aching for a midnight raid.
3) An island. Ahh, better than sandy crystal-clear beaches, the extra counterspace (topped with marble) is a kitchenista’s dream!

So, which FN kitchen would you die to have? Think big and let me know. You know my vote: Viva Daisy! Here’s to eating well!

Yours truly,
Secretary Confidential

P.S. Daisy has a great website and blog. Check it out!

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Comments (12)

  1. Lisa Venn says:

    Would it be asking too much for a virtual tour? I felt those pics were tantalizing! I tried to enlarge the view so I could really scope it out. I guess I am really into the sneaky, secretive poking around that you have been doing. I feel like I am in on a clandestine mission waiting for something BIG to be revealed before others find out. What will it be SC, what will it be?

  2. Sherrie says:

    I agree with Lisa’s comment. Let’s see a virtual tour of this palatial kitchen. Can’t see anything from these pictures. It sounds too good to miss.

  3. Secretary Confidential says:

    Hi Lisa and Sherrie! You guys were totally right – the picture was way too tiny to do any worth while poking around. I’ve re-uploaded a bigger version, so you can click on the picture for a much larger, detailed view now! Thanks!!

  4. Lana says:

    SC, you totally rock. :)

  5. eleanor says:

    What is a foyer? ;)

    I will agree with you SC….a walk-in pantry is definitely a huge factor in my dream kitchen!

  6. Denise says:

    Thanks for uploading the larger pictures, SC. I want this kitchen! The layout is great, design is beautiful. I just need to figure out how to rebuild my tiny house to fit around this great kitchen. :)

  7. Robin Koury says:

    Alright…Viva Daisy’s kitchen it totally to die for! It’s bright, spacious and cheerful. Needless to say I’m totally jealous! However, I think my favorite and perhaps the kitchen that most reflects my personality is Rachael Ray’s. I adore the retro look and funky appliances and of course all of the funky dishes. Plus I’m a sucker for anything green and orange!

  8. DG says:

    I can not wait for the return of “VIVA DAISY’. Thank you so much FN for bringing this brilliant chef and her show back on for another season. Only request: More than 6 episodes soon please!

  9. Janet Adams says:

    I LOVE the basket weave-look kitchen tiles in Daisy's studio kitchen. Any ideas on where I can find it? I have shopped around my rather large city and I cannot find it. Who is the maker of the tiles?

  10. Sharon Baugh says:

    I just redid my kitchen with Wintercloud Marble. I am pretty sure this kitchen is Wintercloud also. Am I right?[polldaddy 5762045 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/5762045/ polldaddy]

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