What’s Shooting Now?

by in View All Posts, February 3rd, 2009
Food Network Crew Build Set

While sitting in my cubicle today, my mind began to wander upstairs…soon my feet followed my mind, and I found myself in Studio A of Food Network, the largest studio in the building. This is where Rachael Ray tapes 30 Minute Meals, where Iron Chef America battles, where Guy Fieri takes big bites, where Sunny Anderson cooks for real, and unlike my cubicle, it’s where ALL the magic happens.

But the magic doesn’t happen all at once! After each show tapes, usually a couple weeks depending on the series, the crew breaks down the set and rebuilds for the next show. So there will always be just one show taping in the studio at one time. The question is…..who’s in there today?

Can anyone use their Sherlock Holmes detective work or their Spidey-Sense to figure out what set our crew is finishing for tomorrow’s shoot?

Rachael Knudsen
Associate Producer, The FN Dish

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Comments (7)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Alright…I’ve looked at the photos attached to this post a million times and here is what my inner FN fanatic has deducted from the evidence provided. From the prop cart (which was my main source of evidence) the use of pastels and pinks lends itself to a female FN Star. The set doesn’t appear to be Rachael’s retro look and no sign of the blue back splash that appeared in this season of Cooking for Real. That leaves Anne Burrell, Alex Guarnaschelli or Ellie Krieger. According to a post by Secretary Confidential Ellie just filmed a series of web videos – so I’m crossing her off my list. That leaves Anne and Alex. Judging by the blurred photo of the Studio A tile the person appears to be wearing bright pink and a v-neck which lends itself more to Anne’s personal style. After reviewing the evidence one final time I’m casting my vote…Anne Burrell will be taping tomorrow!

  2. Lu, St. Paul says:

    Anne Burrell will soon be creating something delicious. Besides the blurry Studio A picture, I’m looking at the setup of the island and the location of the oven.

  3. Lana says:

    Obviously my FN fandom is being called into question here, and I’m failing miserably! LOL, I can’t tell who’s in your Studio A tomorrow, and hope you’ll fill us in on the solution to your mystery in the next post.

  4. The FN Dish says:

    Stay tuned folks! I’ll be sneaking back upstairs today and will post the reveal of who is actually filming!


  5. Diane Richards says:

    Although it doesn’t look like the right layout for Anne Burrell’s cooktop and grill I still cast my vote for her because it’s not Rachael Ray, Ellie Kreiger and probably not Alex.

  6. Patty says:

    I'm thinking "Ask Aida"! Please let us know.

  7. Patty says:

    Too late.. didn’t see the subsequent posting.

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