Danny is looking for a date…

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Want to fly to New York next week for a date with hunky hunk, Danny Boome? Well, Live with Regis and Kelly is having a “Dating with the Stars” contest for your chance to do just that!

Ladies…if the above Danny picture “trio” doesn’t woo you enough, here’s five reasons why Danny is deliciously dateable:

1. Born on Valentine’s day (romantic from birth).
2. Retired professional hockey player (and still stays in shape).
3. Used to be a male nanny (great with the youngin’s).
4. British accent (need I say more).
5. And oh yeah….. he can cook!

Go to their website here for all the details!

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  1. Lana says:

    Rachael! If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect you’re trying to heal my recent ill humor with a new FN host? *laughing uproariously*

    Danny Boome is simply adorable. I really enjoyed his segments during the recent holiday specials – particularly when he walked Chelsea Market in search of someone to cook with. If only he were 10 years older (or better, I were 10 years younger!), I just might take Reg & Kelly up on their “Dating with the Stars” gimmick. What a hoot that will be for some lucky gals.

    Oh, and just so any male readers out there know – it is a fact: Men who cook are Sexy!

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