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by in View All Posts, February 20th, 2009

Have you ever been surprised when you find out your work friends (the friendly people you have water cooler time with) have a life outside of work? I really don’t like the work phrase “in my prior life,” but sometimes you run across those rare peeps that really had an interesting prior life. Neil Perry, FN Sound Designer/ Music Composer, is the perfect example of this.

Neil started working in recording studios in the late ’80’s as a staff engineer and moved around through the UK and continental Europe. Some of the talent he worked with: everyone from Keith Richards to David Bowie to Frank Sinatra. In 1996 he began to work more-or-less fill time with the Smashing Pumpkins. Besides the Pumpkins he worked with Five For Fighting, Hole, Rik Ocasek, and lots of others, famous and not.

Here at FN, Neil can be found writing, recording, producing, mixing, and performing the music for most of the shows that get produced in the studio: Guys Big Bite, Tyler’s Ultimate, Cooking For Real, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, etc. He’s worked with almost all the talent at one time or another. I tried to get some dirt but all he said was “I wish I had a crazy story or two to tell about my time here but I spend a lot of time making sure I don’t have those stories! Put it this way, I make sure everyone knows when the mic’s are live so nobody says anything they wouldn’t want everyone to here. I’ve had pretty good luck with that. ”

At the moment I’m sitting in his studio, avoiding my stacks of paper, Neil is writing a new open for Cooking For Real. Actually we are talking about it. He usually works remotely so there are fewer disruptions. Like me as a little disruption! Seriously, FN Dishers Cooking For Real has developed enough that it warrants a new open with some kick! Can you tell I heart Sunny?!? In addition to being all Beethoven, Neil is the only audio post person for the whole network – that is huge- so his days are packed full of things to do. I know how you feel, Mr. Perry.

All this chatting with Mr. Music has gotten me a little hungry. When I mention to Neil that we should get some eats he says “yeah Like, Tyler’s shows where he makes Beef Stroganoff and apple charlottes.” Yumm-o!

Secretary Confidential

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Comments (4)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Neil does a fantastic job with all of the FN audio! Its hard to believe all of that talent and creativity comes from one individual. The openings to each show are as unique as the individual FN Stars! I can hardly wait to hear the new opening of Cooking for Real…S.C. I’m huge Sunny fan too!

  2. Lana says:

    As a professional music reviewer, I’ll have to agree with Robin, above. The intro’s, ins-and-outs are very reflective of the cooking show host. I can almost tell which shows are *not* produced in-house – some of the music is more of a distraction to the show than an enhancement.

    Rock on, Neil Perry!

  3. Marlene Thompson says:

    I love the flavor of the music you put behind Ian (Barefoot Contessa) and Giada’s cooking show. Is there a CD available. I would love to have these sounds for my dinners.

  4. BP41 says:

    Is this the same Neil Perry from Ms. Simon's homeroom #228 back in '82 at Baldwin Harbor Junior High? OMG. Good for you.

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