Secrets in Studio A…

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Greetings, Food Lovers!

This week we have Chef Anne Burrell in Studio A whipping up some of the most delectable dishes.  I have to mention that last night after shooting the commercial/restaurant kitchen scene (you’ll recognize this from the opening of the show) we were presented with some of her chocolate mousse!  It was out of this world – so rich, not too fluffy, and topped with perfect choco-covered espresso beans.  The perfect treat to the end of a long (but very successful) day.

I followed this up with a cup of tea and conversation, courtesy Ms Wendy Waxman – a delicious orange & apricot herbal tea.  Very relaxing.

And to think that was the end, ha!  I went into our FN kitchen to chat with my friend Ricky (by the way, he makes an incredible Jamaican jerk sauce) and noticed a huge pot of chicken cacciatorre (my fathers favorite Italian meal). I inquired what we were going to do with all of these leftovers – Ricky handed me a plastic container and said “go for it”!!  Needless to say, I called my father bragging – he has the recipe now and is very excited to try it out this weekend.

Today, Chef Anne is putting together some sandwiches and soups.  In my opinion, the most comforting food on a chilly, rainy, New York day. I simply can’t wait to taste!


Kendra, Operation Foodie

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Comments (3)

  1. Myrna says:

    Yes! I always wonder what do FN do with the leftovers. Also: Who pays for the ingredients in those programs where chefs show wonderful menus with great and expensive ingredients? Wines, meats, fishes & crustacians etc. Not many sponsors that I see.

  2. Lana says:

    Kendra, you totally scored! Choco-covered espresso beans at the end of the day? That’ll give ya a nice buzz on the subway ride home, eh? *winks*

    Chicken Cacciatorre does sound pretty good just about now. Let us know how your father does with the recipe!

  3. Robin Koury says:

    Kendra all I can say is YUM! It sounds like your day was chock full of tasty delights. I have to say your position at FN is simply divine (and I’m jealous). First Tyler Florence’s chili and now Anne’s chocolate mousse topped with my personal favorite choco-covered espresso beans! I think Wendy is by far one of the most talented individuals I have ever encountered and would consider any time spent with her positively delightful. Please report in on Anne’s tasty sandwiches and soups!

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