Sunny’s Dish Party – “Hot and Spicy”

by in View All Posts, View Video Only, January 26th, 2009

Subbing for Bruce, Sunny Anderson gets the behind-the-scenes dish from the “Hot & Spicy” episode of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

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  1. Lana says:

    Ok, didn’t see the episode cuz I was working Sunday night in Seattle. (which, btw, was a disaster, and ironically, would much rather have been home watching URS.)

    But!! I was able to view the video here flawlessly! No buffering at all. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada. *clapping hands in glee*

    Re: Chris. Oh, it is so hard to see someone who is too pumped up, a little too ambitious, arrogant, too much hubris, reaching a little too far and wanting to show off, rather than staying disciplined.

    Umm, we’re talking about Chris, and not Guy here, right? Ok, just checking.

    And a harsh Michael, eh? Well, anyone who know me knows I take criticism well, as long as it’s not a personal attack. If Michael is calling the food the way he sees it (or tastes it, in this case) that’s fine with me.

    Re: smoke alarm. Either have a smoke alarm, or grill inside. Choose, and choose wisely.

    Re: Kitchen catastrophes – Robin, now you did see Alton’s special on frying turkeys, right? That they have to be dry dry dry *before* you put it in the oil?? (you know I luv ya, girl)

    Am eager for the dessert dishes! Thx again ladies, for sharing your talents knowlege and humor with us.

  2. A.P. says:

    You know, if we need a new alias for Michael “Darth” Psilakis, I think we could just start calling him Simon. At least everyone he’s judging has some talent…

    I used to have some really similar grill pan problems to the discussion, but then I discovered one of the modern wonders of the world — smoke detectors with an interrupt button. Just press it and it shuts the whole thing off for like 15 minutes or so. I think it quadrupled my battery life. :-) I’ve also loved my new grill pan. It’s one of the enameled cast iron ones and I virtually never need to use any oil at all. With that, the smoke is pretty much a thing of the past — especially as it keeps picking up a little more seasoning.

    As one of those male cooks out there, it was kind of fun to see the testosterone factor kicked up a little this week. I wasn’t surprised at all to see that the spicy food attracted a lot of type-A professionals though. It kind of reminded me of the chest-thumping, hot-wing-eating, beer-draining, frat-style interactions that fill a lot of office happy hours

  3. Sue Noll says:

    The ladies of the panel are a huge draw, they say what we are all thinking, keep being honest!!!!!

  4. Derrick says:

    I’m with A.P. – this was the best Ultimate Recipe Showdown so far! Definitely a lot of testosterone.

    And Michael Psilakis is Simon-like (too shtick-ish for me), really just a “Playa Hater!”

    Jason who won was funny and his shrimp n grits looked delicious. Chris seemed like a cool dude, very entertaining, and his swordfish looked delish as well. I didn’t get why Psilakis-Simon was hating on Chris?

    The lone female competitor’s steak dish looked simple and pretty tasty.

    Sunny keep up the good work, you’re great on the FN Dish!

  5. DP says:

    I did actually watch the show in its entirety and beg to differ with Lana. What is with all of the nastiness? There is nothing wrong with someone being secure and confident, especially in the kitchen, and most definitely on television. If I were on TV I would be the biggest peacock of all with feathers fully exposed. I thought that Chef Michael was a bit harsh on Chris, and my gut reaction was that of intimidation/threat. There was a lot of testosterone and spice in that competition which is why we are even blogging about it -quite entertaining. Chris you and your confidence are more than welcome in my neck of the woods! ;)

  6. I must say that I watch FN constantly and if there’s a rehab I may need to go for a little therapy. The URS challenge that I stayed up to watch at 1 am did not disappoint! I was on the edge of my bed watching Chris Milano man handle that kitchen. While watching the other contestants was like watching paint dry and shrimp & grits…c’mon! The show is about infusing personality and originality in a short period of time-it’s not about simplicity and steaks on a grill. Who can’t do that?

    Don’t get me wrong I love me some grits! I’m from the South, but I don’t think it’s creative enough to win URS.

    If Food Network is looking for the Next Food Network Star, they can save themselves some production cost and choose Chris. He embodies all the elements it takes to host a show on this network.

    Much love to FN and Sunny you da woman! Keep it tasty yall. FN that branding statement is for sale if you want to buy it…LOL!

  7. Tamara says:

    Seriously, there was absolutely no need to be sassy to anyone on this show! The cattyness of all the contestant towards one constestant was awful. This was the first time I have ever seen producers show a contestant in such a negative light.

    Let’s be honest, this is a food competition. Is additional drama neccesary when you already have people cooking with fire and using knives under presuure?

  8. Walter says:

    Another great segmant ladies. The URS is a great compition with great rewards. I am glad they have Chef Michael on there. He does not hold back. I love that all the judges keep it real. Katherine I think you are also perfect for this as well, you know your stuff.

    As for the after party, first off right off the bat nice plug Sunny. HEY VIEWERS IF YOUR NOT WATCHING SUNNY’S SHOW YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! BIG TIME!!! I love the comment about Guy’s hair, to be honest that is a work of art! Nice work ladies. Gotta go… that brine turkey sounds so good.

  9. Megan says:

    I have to say I watched the show late, and was a little disappointed with the foods, i’m hispanic and i expected spicy things they didn’t seem so spicy.
    But on a good note i think all of them were great and i have to say i give chris props he did a great job with the time he had. some mishabs but for the most part he was trying his hardest, from what i can tell.
    hope we get more great episodes in the future and we need to get rid of as luara said darth.

  10. Lauren Wii says:

    Like OMG….. My brother had the same castastrophie, he was frying a turkey at my moms house in the summer, and he went up in smoke too. Got to be careful!!!! Those home gamers got to leave it up to the pros. Nice episode, you gals are keeping it real.

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