Secretary Confidential Goes Renegade & Light

by in View All Posts, January 9th, 2009

The head honcho is traveling, so my latest spy mission wasn’t that covert. Without worrying about colleagues sneaking up behind me (forcing me to scramble for a work-related Internet window), I emailed my buddy and FN executive chef here at FN, Rob Bleifer for an interview. My FN inner fanatic soared midway through his email: “How about next week? Ellie Krieger is taping some web shows in the FN Kitchens right now.” Love. Ellie.

A brilliant idea came in the form of an interoffice envelope. I whipped up a label reading “Important for Rob Bliefer” and scurried to the kitchens. After a friendly hello from big-smiles guard Clarence, I slithered through the swinging door, towards Rob’s homey office. Cameras were rolling, lights were blazing and Ellie had spatula in hand.

She’s taping 12 shorts, called Healthy Meal Makeovers with Ellie Krieger. Don’t let the “healthy” term deter you. Ellie will be whipping up dishes like Better Beef Lasagna, Sesame Shrimp Fried Rice and an amazing veggie quiche. I hungrily watched the china-doll-esque chef create a healthy version of chicken pot pie….yummy. How the heck do you make chicken pot pie non-artery clogging? Ah…stay tuned. Think stir fry with down-home comfort. If only I could have snuck a taste…

Until next time…
Happy Resolution Keeping! ~ Secretary Confidential

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Comments (4)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Secretary Confidential, I think its fantastic that you “slink and scurry” around FN in search of your next fan-tastic story. After each of your posts I find myself eagerly awaiting your next “juicy” dish! I’m glad you’ve enlisted a partner in crime and who better than Rob Bleifer! What coup to pop in on Ellie Krieger during a taping. Her Healthy Meal Makeovers sound irresistible and should make eating healthy a joy! I’m also thrilled at FN is doing more interactive web videos for 2009.

  2. Lana says:

    Oooo, eating healthy. Now I almost feel bad about the pasta I had last night, with the garlic – butter – heavy – heavy – cream sauce … almost. Ok, I really don’t feel bad at all. It was sooo good! But next time maybe I can do garlic – olive oil – diced Roma tomatoes, eh?

    Haha, thx S.C., you sneaky gal. You keep renegade-ing, and we’ll keep reading about your covert efforts. And watching Ellie. Obviously, I need to ….

  3. Elle says:

    SC…you are so sneaky! How does you do it? Yes! You must get a taste…though your descriptions are doing these tantalizing dishes justice. Yum…lasagna

  4. Hello! I read your post and couldn’t leave without posting a comment. Thanks for your time in writing this post!

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