Wendy Gets Your Tables Set

by in View All Posts, December 23rd, 2008

Wendy recently shared a bold tablescape which prompted:

Dear Wendy,
Every year something goes horribly wrong and I’m left with a mis-mash of clutter on my table. You mentioned bold colors (which I LOVE) but my walls are bright yellow and orange. Is it over the top to incorporate more bold colors in my tablescape or should I go subtle? I don’t want my guests to need sunglasses but I don’t want it to look blah! ~ Robin

Here’s what Wendy shared:

While table settings should connect to the immediate environ, it’s the type of gathering that determines the “flavor” of color…

  • High energy: If it’s a lively event with spicy foods and fun music, go bold!!! A tropical “bamboo” green would also be a great choice in your setting, Robyn.

  • Down to earth: Neutrals or creamy textures are great for a more conversational, daytime mood.

  • Tryouts: Test how your color vision works with your table and the rest of the room. Paint swatches are helpful. Or in a pinch, try book jackets, colorful clothes like sweaters and scarves, or simple objects around your home to achieve that preview.

  • Start small: Still unsure? Use a touch of bold color via napkins or a table runner for a color splash with impact.


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Comments (3)

  1. Lana says:

    I’m really enjoying FN Dish’s focus on readers’ comments and questions. Wendy, this is marvelous, and Secretary Confidential’s posts have been equally interesting.

    This is the first year I’ll be doing a tablescape for my holiday dinner. I’ve pulled out one of my two sets of china (Sheffield’s Bone White), with accent colors in mint, cardinal and gold. Really, I think it will look quite festive.

    Thanks again! And keep up the amazing work!

  2. Robin Koury says:

    Wendy, you are my holiday tablescape savior! You have given me the confidence to go bold for the holidays and I adore the idea of incorporating cheerful bamboo green into my tablescape! After reading your tip about using the paint chips, I couldn’t help but smack my forehead and say duh! The idea is so simple but so genius! I can’t tell you much time (and money) that little tip is going to save me. Wish me luck as my table needs to be ready in less than 48 hours. Have a wonderful holiday…Robin

  3. David says:

    Hi Wendy, I have a product that I think the Food Network might be interested in for their shows. Any pointers on where to send my product for consideration? You can e-mail me privately if you don't want to post an e-mail or snail mail address here. Thanks for your advice and help! Love what you do!

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