SC Previews Anne In Jan.

by in View All Posts, December 19th, 2008

Today, I weaseled my way into one of the edit rooms. “Just pretend I’m not here,” I told editor and producer extraordinaires, Jim and Jenny. They’re working on Anne Burrell’s Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. No spoiler here, but come January 17th , you’re in for a treat. Chef Burrell’s grilled pizza episode is sizzling. No major gaffes, other than the overuse of “lovely,” and a few “ums,” which probably won’t make their way to your screens.

The color coordination—all pastels with pink spoon AND rolling pin — is so sweet; you’ll get a rush before she whips out the pizza dough. However, the girly décor doesn’t keep Anne from doing the tough stuff, like opening a bottle of oil with her teeth — or actually, removing the bottle wrapper (that part might get cut).

I dug for dirt on the snappy blonde from my new peeps. I learned about Anne’s sous chef, who’s on Top Chef now, and heard big praise for the steak recipe. Evidently, Anne’s brown sugar-coated steak is pleasing to carnivores and dessert-ivores alike. So nice — Jim’s made it twice.

Before I go, a shout out for Tyler. Saw you the other day in the elevator, Mr. Florence, bundled and sniffly. You’re a trooper!

Until next time, when I visit my new BFF’s editing Sunny on Cooking for Real.
Yours truly,
Secretary Confidential

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Comments (4)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    I don’t know what I’m more excited about – the fact that you snuck into the edit bays or that Anne Burrell is going to have a pizza episode. Even though I’m from NY – pizza at home is always a challenge for me and I can use all the tips I can get! Next time you make your way into the editing I’d love to know how many hours of footage does it take to make one half-hour episode?

  2. Secretary Confidential, you sizzle! I do hope they keep the bottle biting, top spitting stuff in the show. Makes it more real; something I can relate to. Keep us in the know!

  3. Josie says:

    The thought of grilled pizza sent my salivary glands into overdrive and I could almost smell the yeasty dough rising to meld with it’s delectable toppings . That did it! I’m off to find food and wait for the next peek into the kitchens at FN. Keep them coming.

  4. Steve says:

    Pastel color coordination, not exactly my thing. Opening bottles with her teeth? Now that I’d like to see! Any chance you could smuggle some footage off the cutting room floor??

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