Let Them Eat [Red Velvet] Cake!

by in View All Posts, December 26th, 2008

That’s what we should call Sunny‘s episode “First Down, Ten to Feed”; airing on January 24th . Sunny’s baking her beloved Grandma’s red velvet cake. Yummy.

She’s a natural storyteller, and her tales are NOT scripted. As she spoke about her Grammy baking this cake for church or for her high school graduation, I thought she might cry. So sweet! Her approach is fun to contrast with Anne Burrell who talks of her recipes as if she were talking about her best girlfriends.

Sunny also embraces some cake curveballs like white vinegar or whipping up the icing on the stove. I don’t cook, but that seems unusual. Our dear Sunny can be prone to belches in the right conditions. That was kind of comical to watch. She burps between takes and is fine with this. A woman who is comfortable in her skin — I love that.

Happy New Year FN Dishers!
~ Secretary Confidential

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Comments (4)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    I can hardly wait for this episode, I’ve been dying to get my hands on this recipe. Bruce gave us an inside look at the cake along with Sunny’s new set a few weeks ago. She raved about the cake and it looked absolutely delicious! The anecdotes that Sunny shares are always interesting and as a viewer I appreciate that she lets us into her life and family recipe box!

  2. Debra Vanderbeck says:

    I love Sunny, she has a way of making you feel like a friend sitting in her kitchen chatting while she cooks. I cant wait to see the new set!

  3. fafa says:

    unfortunetly i want

  4. snickers says:

    ya yes cake yum

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