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The holidays are the time to enjoy good food and wine with family and friends.  It is also a great opportunity to expand our palettes and give new ingredients a chance!  This came into play Friday evening when I was grocery shopping for a seafood feast I wanted to prepare for my boyfriend’s family.  I spotted a box of squid in the seafood aisle and knew instantly that Italian fried calamari would make a delicious appetizer to my seafood brodetto!

Upon opening the frozen box, I realized they were whole and needed to be completely cleaned!  I seized the opportunity to pull my man in the kitchen and pretended I was Alex Guarnaschelli on The Cooking Loft teaching my student how to clean and fix the thawed squid.  It was so much fun and after he got over initial texture, I think he enjoyed it!

Needless to say the simple recipe of tossing the clean ringlets in flour, lightly frying in EVOO and finishing off with fresh lemon zest and parsley was a hit!  They were gone in minutes and I think I earned about 5 brownie points. 

Next up: Bottarga (cured caviar) Pasta and Oysters for New Years!


Kendra, Operation Foodie

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Comments (5)

  1. Lana says:

    Kendra, only 5 brownie points? Should be more than that.

    I did try a new ingredient this year – mussels. Hard to find in my town; none of my regular grocery stores carry them. But I found some and made a Mussel Bisque – I borrowed ideas from Alton Brown’s Mussel Bound episode, a recipe from this site and one from a magazine – kind of taking the best from each.

    The result was more than I’d hoped for – robust in flavor and color, aroma, great texture and just delicious. If Ultimate Recipe Showdown ever has a soup category, I’m in! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your story and glad to hear you got ‘your man’ in the kitchen too.

  2. Robin Koury says:

    Kendra, You’re right the holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend much needed time with friends and family and its always fun to try something new. As an added bonus usually there is plenty of extra wine and liquor so if the new culinary delights go sour – there’s always more to drink! I think its great you channeled your inner Alex Guarnaschelli and got your boyfriend in the kitchen with you. My husband and I cook every meal together and you’re right it is fun. Some of our best memories and laughs have occurred over a cutting board! I’m so glad your boyfriend’s family enjoyed the calamari – they sound delicious! I’m certain your New Years feast will render even more brownie points!

    PS: Lana: enter your recipe under comfort food – soup is always comforting and the fact that this soup is a bisque is like a “warm comforting hug”! LOL

  3. Lana says:

    Robin, maybe I’ll just add a note to the end of my recipe, “… garnish with paprika, parsley and a hug.”
    Talk about Comfort Food, eh?

  4. sandee Toup says:

    Paula Deen shown a recipe for cherry filled chocolate Gobs and I can not find it. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that recipe please !!!!

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