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by in View All Posts, December 5th, 2008

Various serving trays from Food NetworkFN Dish recently posted about the secret storage room that houses Food Network’s props, flatware and goodies from the last fifteen years. FN Set Decorator Wendy and her colleague Jamie curate the entire collection.

FN Fan, Robin, recently asked an excellent question: “When a show is introduced with a new on-air personality, how are props selected? Is a collaborative process between you and the on-air personality?”

Here’s the scoop from Wendy… “I really like to blend new, used and vintage elements to create intriguing backgrounds and tabletop designs… Most people live among newly-acquired purchases or gifts, heirlooms, impulse items, and hand-me-downs. This is the same for sets at Food Network, except with attention paid to camera angles, color, which foods will be featured, etc.”

As Robin guessed, Wendy does meet with each chef, along with key members of the Food Network production team before a show commences shooting. This helps her translate their vibe, energy and personality into the artistic choices seen on air. Have a question for Wendy? Post below and let her know.

Recognize these bold pieces from Sunny Anderson‘s set?

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Comments (5)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the great scoop today and for taking the time to answer my burning question about the FN sets! I’m always amazed at how closely the props used on set match each on-air personality. When I think of all the shows on FN, I can’t imagine how you manage to keep everything straight. It seems as though you truly are the behind the scenes star of the show…Great job!

  2. Clementine Harrison says:

    My, friend and I, both food professionals, had a dinner prepared by Sokum, at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, Georgia. It started out with foie gras and shirred egg with a sauce that made my knees week. I could have stopped there, but, three courses later, the sea bass was stellar. She and her husband, Guiliamme, are gracious hosts, and if you are ever in the area, make reservations and let them know Clementine and Peggy sent you. We stayed at their dog friendly cottage and had a breakfast that I can’t describe, it was so good. The price of the meal was very user friendly ($45.00), but we spent a little more than we meant to on wine to–they have a great cellar. They were featured in October (?) Southern Living, and are pure and simply, a lovely couple.

  3. Ines says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I am always completely intrigued when you are featured on the Food Network – I also saw the video of you and Eddie Ross in the prop room – LOVED IT. I have a quick question where would I be able to find the gold spoons and forks that were used on the Aarti Party set?

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  5. spam_hater says:

    This is about food. Take your stupid jewelry blog elsewhere. No one here cares.

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