Backstage with Guy

by in View All Posts, View Video Only, December 15th, 2008

The FN Dish goes backstage at Guy Fieri’s upcoming special, Guy’s Big Night.


Enter in the comments a short description of your favorite diner, drive-in, or dive — the top entry will win the autographed book featured in the video!! Thanks to all who submitted cooking techniques — CONTEST ENDED on 12/21 — winner will be contacted via email!

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Comments (50)

  1. Kathy B says:

    We visited the 11th Street Diner in South Beach by chance – we stayed at a hotel across the street – the same week Guy taped a segment of DD&D there. (They had a sign outside telling people they could wind up being filmed!) What a great place – we liked it so much for dinner we went back for breakfast the next morning.

  2. Guy is our all time show to watch. We watched him win the Food Network Chef and have been hooked since. My grandaugher Midori wanted to make the Wicked Pork reciepe,we did and everyone loved it. We did Wicked Beef with flat iron steak last week. Guy was invited to come to Fort Lee VA for the cooking school Show and was unable to come. We were going to be first in line. Midori is your #1 fan. Good to see you in VA at our Diners.

  3. Tianne Hianes says:

    I love most diners. One of my favorite meals to eat out is breakfast. When my kids were young that was my treat to them Saturday night, going out for Pancakes at the diner for dinner!

  4. Lisa Hollis says:

    Triple D is the show I never miss and can’t watch too often! Since none of my vacations are complete without a memorable food experience, we are currently working on a road trip centered around some of the places shown on Triple D! Rock on Guy!

  5. I already have a signed copy of Guy’s book. I am the LUCKY person who was on stage with him on Guys Big Night. Dunkee Or Donkey Potato was my claim to culinary fame. I just wanted to thank Guy & everyone @ The Food Network for an Amazing Special Day that I will never forget. “Happy Holidays To All”

  6. Jeanine Pettit says:

    I love all the shows. Keep them coming. You need to put more on the web to watch.

  7. Susan Kirby says:

    I love diners. I’d much rather eat at a diner than a fancy restaurant. You get a great value and variety for your money. While impossible to pick one, I’d most like to visit Rosie’s Diner in Michigan and Chino Bandido. How much better could I get than to have Mexican and Chinese (especially the red-cooked chicken) on my plate at the same time.
    the only bad thing about DDD is that I can’t visit each and every ONE!

  8. John B Hipps says:

    Up here in Madison, WI one of the best dive bars (Mickey’s) took a hit when smoking was banned at bars around town. They came roaring back with phenomenal food, such as their “Sexy Fries”.

  9. ann says:

    Thats a tough question. Although this is a pretty generic answer, I would probably say my favorite is THE HAT because it’s one of the few places in southern california (especially the LA/OC area) that has large portions AND an affordable price AND that actually tastes good. The place has a great vibe, a nice simple menu and is pretty much a socal landmark. Large fries are just over $3 and can probably feed 5 people with normal appetites.

  10. eve born says:

    first of all any show guy does i truly love,when he was on top chef he was my pick from day one, i knew he would be the next emeril jr.,every show has something special enjoy e1 to date go gettem guy

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