Burger Time with the Programming Team

by in View All Posts, December 31st, 2008

I’m sure it’s the same in offices across the country, but this week in the Food Network Programming department, you can quietly work and watch the tumbleweeds roll by. Holiday gift giving is over, everyone is on vacation, and only the few of us who are truly – truly – dedicated are holding down the fort, here at the Chelsea Market.

So how do the professionally food obsessed spend a quiet holiday week? Burgers! There are food perks at FN, food perks being in the Chelsea Market, and then there are food perks just being in this neighborhood.

In that spirit, here’s a quick tour of the burger offerings in our lovely hood that will make any carnivore happy. Note: it doesn’t hurt that we border the Meatpacking District.

Across the street is the legendary Old Homestead Steakhouse with the famous cow above the door. Next door to O.H.S. is Pop Burger, when you only need a small slider. One block down is The Diner, a rather more upscale version of it’s name. A few blocks away is Cafeteria, Tyler Florence‘s old haunt, and in the other direction there’s Corner Bistro, a truly old school tavern. Also in walking distance is the now mega-famous Spotted Pig, gastropub to the stars. You can find nearly any kind of food in the world in Chelsea, but it’s clearly a burger kind of town. You may not want to hit all of them in the same week though…

~ Fay, Programming

Photo: Thomas Censani

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Comments (2)

  1. Lana says:

    Ooo! I ate at The Diner just before the “Meatpacking Uncorked” event in October. My gf’s and I really enjoyed our meal there, food was fab, service even better. Why it hasn’t been on DDD yet is beyond me. We sat outside, watching the cars go by, spied our fav FN food stylist walk by and had a brief visit. Quite a lovely spot! Thanks for bringing up that memory.

    Thomas, nice blog! Terrific pics and comments there.

  2. Robin Koury says:

    Fay…You sure are dedicated to FN! Thanks for hanging in there and keeping FN running like the well oiled machine all the viewers are used to. The meatpacking district is a meat lovers paradise. Pop Burger gets my vote for both the burgers and atmosphere. The sliders are fun and can be totally addicting my method is have a slider – have drink – repeat!

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