The Cat’s Meow

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The FN Dish’s Bruce Seidel visits Iron Chef Cat Cora at a book signing and Bon Appétit culinary demo.

To win an autographed copy of Cat’s new book, Cooking from the Hip, tell us about your favorite Cat Cora recipe in the comments section below!

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Comments (59)

  1. Jesse says:

    My favorite recipes are more on the traditional side, like the goat cheese dolmades or the spanikopita.

  2. Marlene Simpson says:

    Cat’s cooking style has inspired me using great California ingredients. I love the Artichokes with Lemon recipe. She mixes the Southern with Greek. I use her methods to mix Western with Italian. At the end of every Iron Chef show she has Ozo- Sorry Cat I just can’t go there! I’ll stick to California Wine.

  3. Angela Gray says:

    I love Cat. I watch her on Iron Chef and I have seen her before that. Being in the South in Mississippi. I know where she comes from and I love her cooking. I can’t say i have one favorate. I love to cook and cook for a big family myself. I would love to have her cookbook. My In-laws are Italian, My roots are Southern so I guess you can see which way I cook. Please pick me for your cookbook. I love your show and Food Network Watch it almost all day. Have a TV in my kitchen. Cook right along with you.

  4. My favorite Cat Cora recipe is pork tenderloin and mango salsa. The salsa is a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. The mangos are combined with diced chile pepper, onion and cilantro…perfect for a summer gathering. It is a very easy recipe with a great wow factor to impress friends.

  5. Sharon says:

    I have an old Cat Cora recipe for spinach pie, similar to spanikopita but in pie form, which is exceptional. It is easier and by far my favorite Cat Cora recipe.

  6. nick says:

    it’s not just me…the audio is off. Almost blew my speakers.

  7. Max says:

    My favorite recipe by Cat Cora is her Basque Shrimp with Chimichurri. When I cook with my dad he makes the Skirt stake in chimichurri sauce by Emeril and I make Cora's Basque Shrimp. It my favorite meal in the world!

  8. Holly says:

    My favorite Cat Cora receipe happens to be the poppy seed encrusted scallops. I tried this dish at home and it was just as easy as she had stated. My family raves about this dish. Taste and smells wonderful.

  9. WD says:

    I really can say I have a favorite, well because I do not have any of Cat’s cook books, and would really enjoy adding one to my selection. I do enjoy watching Cat on Ironchef, always thought she would make a fine addition to the line-up. I know she has done curise and would love to spend a week just eating her dishes, and I think would be cool if she would offer classes on the cruise, because I sure would sign up for them. To all that have posted good luck but I hope to win.

    cooked with love and served with passion

  10. bnicrhs says:

    My favorite is one of her simplest, the Pizza Rollups. I make these when my goddaughter and her sister come over. We make these, and watch cartoons or play some games. They think these are the greatest things ever, which makes them even more special.

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