Thanksgiving Survey from the Food Network Kitchens

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would ask the Food Network Kitchens crew a few critical questions about some Thanksgiving favorites.

While most of the choices were easy, two questions were particularly difficult. Brining is downright controversial in the FN Kitchens. Although many stand by the method, one of our recipe developers’ take was, “brine, well, that just makes me angry!”

Not so surprisingly, it looks like our cooks just can’t get out of the kitchen, except those who still crave mom’s cooking or just can’t stand the clean-up.

Rob, our executive chef, struggled with his response: “Well, in a perfect world, I’d want a house big enough to cook it all and host all the guests,” while Athen, our steward, cuts right to the chase: “Cook? You must be crazy, I just want to eat and leave!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Claudia Sidoti, Recipe Developer

Click through for recipes and results:

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Turkey: Brine or No Brine?

Brine: 9

No Brine: 8

Stuffing: Inside or Outside the bird?

Inside: 10

Outside: 7

Potatoes: Sweet or Mashed?

Sweet: 9

Mashed: 8

Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts or Green Beans?

Brussels Sprouts: 13

Green Beans: 4

Ham: Yes or No?

Yes: 7

No: 10

Cornbread or Dinner Rolls?

Cornbread: 7

Dinner Rolls:10

Cranberries: Jelly or Relish?

Jelly: 3

Relish: 14

Pie: Pumpkin or Apple?

Pumpkin: 10

Apple: 7

And, the most important question of them all: cook or be a guest?

Cook: 13

Guest: 4

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Comments (17)

  1. Becky Twohy says:

    I am always watching the food channel. My kids come to visit and they know where they will find the TV and what channel it will be on. They do love everything I cook and all that I learn on the channel. I look up recipies and try new ones all the time. I love it and I am thankful it is a wonderful resource for the experienced and the new epicurian.

  2. Becky Twohy says:

    The magazine makes it so easy to find the recipies and learn more about the stars.

  3. Joyce Rue-Potter says:

    Love the new magazine! Beautifully done. Curious to know what happened to Mario Batali? And realllly, I'm so tired of Rachel…enough already. I wonder if she's competing with Oprah?? Many Thanks!

  4. Kim Malenic says:

    Love the Food Network, Love the Magazine!
    Great pictures and recipes without the overkill of too many ads. Can't wait for the next issue!
    Best Thanksgiving show…Tyler Florence, I think it was a repeat of last year but worth watching again!

  5. Pam Fockler says:

    Love the magazine…Great recipies, pictures over all an excellent magazing. Glad you finally printed one. Thanks!

  6. Holly Hanson says:

    I was so excited to see FN was finally coming out with a magazine! Signed up immediately and was amazed when I received the first issue, very well done! and FUN!

  7. sandy ramaker says:

    i am very please that you came out with a food network is so informative in all areas in food and resturant business.i am looking forward to my next magazine.keep up the good it!

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