FN Tour Guide’s Top FAQs

by in View All Posts, November 18th, 2008

On special occasions, FN offers private tours to visiting dignitaries, celebrity chefs and the like. One FN’er, Joe, takes time from his day job to lead this behind-the-scenes tour.

A recent tour-ist, Lana, suggested… “You could ask Joe what questions folks ask the most (during tours). I’ll bet it’d make an interesting read.” Good post, Lana. Thanks, Joe. Here goes:

Q) Who gets to eat the food?
A) Who ever is closest – studio crew etc… We only purchase food for what we are making that week and we donate to any extras to City Harvest each Friday.

Q) On Iron Chef America, do they know the secret ingredient?
A) Before the show, the chefs are told that it could be one from a list of items. The challenge is still amazingly difficult to pull off in an hour. Plus, the cameras never stop rolling…no matter what.

Q) Are all of the Iron Chefs here for each show?
A) When we shoot a battle, there is only one. The others are stand ins.

Q) What is the weirdest ingredient a challenger chef requested on Iron Chef?
A) Jose Andres – Goat testicles

Bonus fact — Our offices are on the site of the original Nabisco factory. The Oreo was invented here in 1912.

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Comments (3)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by how quickly the chefs spring into action and begin preparing their dishes when the secret ingredient is revealed, especially when it’s really obscure. Oddly, its never occurred to me that FN has to purchase food for their preparations…Duh! I guess I thought the grocery fairy brought it. However, it is great to hear that any unused products are donated to City Harvest where I am sure they are greatly appreciated.

  2. Lana says:

    Joe, you’re Awesome!

    City Harvest rocks. And you guys rock for using their services. See? It’s that kinda stuff we’re all interested in knowing.

    “The Oreo was invented here …” he says in hushed and reverent tones. I mean, c’mon. Americana doesn’t get any better than the Oreo. I’m a Double Stuff kinda gal. You?

    I think we were most suprised to learn which shows were taped in the FN studios, and which were taped off-site. And of those shows that are taped on-site, we learned that it takes several days to switch the kitchen sets, say, from Iron Chef America to Emeril Live.
    range or refridgerator knows what a pain that must be!

    I also learned that TV is deceptive when guaging the size of a set. Kitchen Stadium looks much bigger than the space it fits in, and Guy’s Big Bite set looks smaller on TV than it is. “Guy’s set goes on for Days!” we were told. Weird.

    Y’all should totally do a time-lapse sequence of a set change. :-)

    Oh, and goat testicles? Would that be considered “gourmet rocky mtn. oysters?” *cough cough*

    Thx Joe!

  3. Lana says:

    “range or refrigerator knows what a pain that must be!”
    grrr, where’d that come from?!? Victim of the old cut n paste, there. oops. sorry.

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