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by in View All Posts, November 13th, 2008

(Today, we have a guest FN staff contributor to The FN Dish)

By Secretary Confidential:

I’m stepping away from my desk. Where to? The vending machines! This isn’t a casual snack, but an FN Vending Machine break. Depending on season, scents of chicken pot pie may fill our office.

Shall I select Paula’s amazing Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie (i heart chocolate) or maybe her yummy Piggy Pudding? (Paula, I love ya but “piggy”? Not a great mental image while I’m digging in.) Ellie’s Spiced Chicken & Grape Skewers or Giada’s Spicy Bean Soup are healthy… Who am I kidding? I want the mousse.

Ok, clearly I’m a little FN delusional. Too much toner, too many stamps, WAY too much coffee! The vending machine doesn’t have Ina’s Chicken Pot Pie, though I’ve requested it as a replacement for Twizzlers. It’s your average, run-of-the-mill vendor. Candies, crackers…you get the idea. Each item only costs a quarter, but nothing fancy here.

I could sneak into the FN kitchens, hope the stars are aligned and find myself munching on a little sumthin’-sumthin’ that was tested for a show, challenge or cookbook. It’s all good there. Wait, is that Anne Burrell heading for a shoot in the kitchen? Definitely time for my snack break!

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Comments (17)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    LOL!! As a member of the FN Dish staff its your responsibility to give us the inside scoop on everything Food Network and this includes the food. So, I say why settle for Twizzlers when the FN Kitchens and Anne Burrell (with her layers of flavor)are just steps away…Simply let everyone know you doing research for the FN Dish! Please report back in on what culinary delights you have enjoyed today and remember its really important to sample everything…We want a full report!

  2. Nick says:

    Mmmm if only FN chefs made snacks for the vending machine..

  3. Oh My! I was ready to ditch my Weight Loss Coaching practice and burn the two best-selling weight loss books that I’ve written (sorry – for the personal plug – can’t help myself ) …
    … and put my 75 cents into your vending machine for some of Paula’s piggy pudding! Twizzlers I can say no to! but Paula’s piggy anything … I think not!

    I’m salivating! Thanks for the morning snack break!! YUM!

    Janice Taylor

  4. Lana says:

    (Hey Robin, how’re you doin’ ??)

    And hello mystery FN dish staff member! Thx for the links to some recipes, and the tip that your vending machine has Twizzlers. I’ll know where to go. But what I wanna know is, did you get into the kitchens for your snack? What’d you have? Who cooked it and what was it for?

    The FN Dish is a great idea, and I think you have alot of readers. But I also think the readers are looking for some real inside information about the day-to-day events at FN.

    I recently had a tour of the facilities with Joe (who, btw, was fantastic! Hi Joe!) And we, on the tour, had a gazillion questions that I bet he’s heard a gazillion times.

    Maybe for one of your next FN dish posts, you could ask Joe what questions folks ask the most. I’ll bet it’d make an interesting read.


  5. Michael Nanni says:

    A quarter! Where in NYC can you find a vending machine that only charges a quarter. Either your office is stuck in a time warp or you company rocks. I want to work for the FN.

  6. Nick says:

    So what really goes on at FN…gives us the dish. I want to hear more

  7. Lisa says:

    I just like the whole sneaky part! Makes me feel like I am in on something! Let’s find out more. I feel like I am watching a soap…without actually watching.

  8. Mike B says:

    Wow! I always wanted to get the skinny on the behind-the-scenes happenin’s…next time, stalk Bobby Flay, and tell us where his roof-top bbq deck is! It drives me CRAZY sitting there trying to figure it out watching the show.

  9. Carolyn Jefferson says:

    What happened to Aaron McCargo’s show, Big Daddy’s House”?

  10. Steve says:

    Secretary Confidential, keep at it! I hope you’re quest for a tasty snack in the test kitchen is successful- let us know what you’re able to snag.

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