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by in View All Posts, November 14th, 2008

One tiny canister corner

One of the best kept secrets in NY is tucked beneath Food Network. In an undisclosed location (think: the warehouse in Indiana Jones), lies a vast storeroom of the dishes, props and accessories FN has used for the past 15 years. Rachael Ray’s original GBs, Mario Batali’s favorite ravioli rolling pin, Sunny’s entire kitchen — it’s there.

One artistic visionary, FN set decorator Wendy and her creative prop coordinator, Jamie, have the awesome responsibility of maintaining, organizing, expanding and decorating with the massive collection.

FN Dish will start showcasing certain pieces, like this giant bowl that’s great for “kicking light” — (being highly reflective on set). Wendy stumbled across it and knew it would be perfect for a dramatic Iron Chef America ingredient.

Questions about a Food Network set? Need inspiration for an innovative tablescape? Curious about culinary “minis”? Post and Wendy will attend to the most burning questions…

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Comments (19)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Now, this is just the kind of inside dish we’ve been hankering for (literally)!


    Your ability to match products to both the set and on-air personality is uncanny. When I watch FN and see the props used, I can’t help but think – that bowl is so Rachel Ray or those towels scream Bobby Flay. In a sense your prop selection only helps to further brand the star of the show and their personality/culinary point of view in the mind of the viewer.

    Here is my question: It’s clear that props are an essential part of each show. When a show is introduced with a new on-air personality how are the props selected? Is a collaborative process between you and the on-air personality?

  2. steve says:

    Can you please tell me who makes rachael’s orange cabinets and where to get them?

  3. Lori says:

    Can you please tell me what flatware Rachael uses on her 30 Minute Meals show? I’d love to have a set!

  4. mlevine says:

    Dear Lori ~ We have an answer from Wendy… “Hi, Lori!
    I use a lot of vintage flatware on the show, but also use a couple of stainless patterns. The first one is by Hackman / Iittala and is very simple…. It may still be on http://www.FinnStyle.com.

    The second one is also simple flatware by Bodum. You can probably locate that at a major bed and bath retail chain.
    Thanks! Wendy”

  5. Rosa Retamozo says:

    On quick fix meals, Robin Miller’s kitchen has a collection of dish towels that are different colors with large white dots. Where can I purchase these dish towels? I am a dot nut! Thanks in advance.

  6. Nancy says:

    Where did those orange cabinets on Rachel Ray’s set come from? Are those type available for public purchase?

  7. CAndrew says:

    Can you tell me the flatware Ina Garten uses on her show? They have black handles and a rounded tip knife. I love them.

  8. trinigyal says:

    What brand of Flatware does Guy use on Guy's Big Bite..i simply love them.i would love to get them.

  9. Melody McSweeney says:

    What is the flatware used in Ina's kitchen? It seems to be substantial in size and weight and appears to be high quality stainless?

    • Barbara McMeekin says:

      Please tell me if Ina's cutlery with black handles, no nails, could be found in production once again, and where/how to purchase!

  10. Candee says:

    I too am interested in finding out what flatware Ina Garten uses, also her dishes.. Please let me know?

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