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by in View All Posts, October 23rd, 2008

I’m not saying my colleagues are jealous that I get more mail than the USPS from this blog. But, they are taking notice. I’ve started receiving anonymous “stop hogging the blog!” interoffice memos. At Food Network — whether in our offices, kitchens or studios — there is always something going on, and apparently other folks want in on the act.

The good news is that their passion is in sync with your requests for more behind-the-scenes posts, more often. I could ignore my love of programming to join the ranks of bloggers like Perez Hilton (or Jacob from Food Network Addict), but I like my day job too much. Hence, it only makes sense to share the wealth.

My blog is joining forces with the The FN Dish. We’re expanding that web series to include a bigger, more frequent behind-the-scenes blog. You’ll still be able to watch Bruce Seidel‘s weekly web show and get great access to my other colleagues as well. Think more Food Network scoop from more contributors.  I’ll still post as well which reminds me — have you tried the Neapolitan Pork recipe yet?  Did it work out?

Check out our newly-expanded FN Dish right here.


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Comments (19)

  1. Alec Smart says:

    Ah cmon Bob. You’re just finding out a blog is more work than you thought and now your “delegating” one of your minions to do all the work. Maybe orchestrating your own creative dismissal/removal ?

    We were all looking for more of the sage insight from the Tuschenator.

    We are saddened Bob.

  2. L Jeff says:

    It’s nice to see fresh Ina eps back on the air. The new format is solid and I don’t think I’ve gone wrong with any of her recipes yet.

  3. ibcheft says:

    It is nice that you have all these behind the scenes show on here, but unless you have high speed, all you get is a slow loading bunch of garbage. So so much for the new behind the scenes stuff how about a page with some pictures and captions ? Give all those other that want in on this a chance to do something. thanks this is getting to be about like the network a bunch of cooks and no chefs.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have a pork loin in the freezer and I know how I will be making it. I am sure the rolled slices will not look as pretty as yours does.

  5. DDG says:

    Hi Bob- I was wondering what happened to Rachael’s Vacation- It has not aired for 2 weeks even though it was scheduled..? Will Las Vegas and Maui air sometime. Also sending prayers for Rachael Ray – I hope her surgery will go easy for her.
    Thanks Bob-

  6. Feikhal Madhur says:

    What did you do to that young Adam fella ? Very green and inexperienced but I hope you did not use him for his online fan base. He is a real blogger you know. He is funny.Could be another version or type of Alton Brown.

  7. Ginger M says:

    Bob – wish you would have more “non-professional” cooks on the air. The Next Food Network Star can’t be the only place you can get them from! BTW – Aaron McCargo is the greatest – I picked him from the first episode – and please – the girl from Texas (Lisa?) she made me want to put ear plugs in! Also – does EVERY cook HAVE to be in the “20 – 30 year old range”?

    • Chetf says:

      She took everyday spices easily found in the normal store and combined them to make the meal extraordinary. The only thing the same is North Africa.

  8. Feikhal Madhur says:

    Oh Bob.
    I was wondering who was more "senior" at FN, you or Bruce Seidel ?

    Both you guys have Sr designations to your titles. You in some kind of power struggle at the station?

    Vice president, sr vice president. We all know that means diddly, but thought I would ask.

  9. Terry B says:

    I find it amazing you list NFNS as “What I Am Reading”. The only thing left is the coronation of a suspicious winner. Why not go back and address the issues raised in the comments section by a lot of loyal viewers. It might just help bring some of us back in the fold.

  10. Cheft says:

    Hey Ginger what network are you watching most of them on The food Network are non professional cooks. And who is in their 20 to 30 ? most of them are in the 30 to 50 range, if you want non professional, watch Sandra, watch Rachel, watch Paula, they are on all the time.

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