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by in View All Posts, October 23rd, 2008

I’m not saying my colleagues are jealous that I get more mail than the USPS from this blog. But, they are taking notice. I’ve started receiving anonymous “stop hogging the blog!” interoffice memos. At Food Network — whether in our offices, kitchens or studios — there is always something going on, and apparently other folks want in on the act.

The good news is that their passion is in sync with your requests for more behind-the-scenes posts, more often. I could ignore my love of programming to join the ranks of bloggers like Perez Hilton (or Jacob from Food Network Addict), but I like my day job too much. Hence, it only makes sense to share the wealth.

My blog is joining forces with the The FN Dish. We’re expanding that web series to include a bigger, more frequent behind-the-scenes blog. You’ll still be able to watch Bruce Seidel‘s weekly web show and get great access to my other colleagues as well. Think more Food Network scoop from more contributors.  I’ll still post as well which reminds me — have you tried the Neapolitan Pork recipe yet?  Did it work out?

Check out our newly-expanded FN Dish right here.


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Comments (19)

  1. Ginger M says:

    Cheft – I stand corrected. Honestly, I was thinking of NFNS – and – well – I was wrong!

  2. DDG says:

    Hey does Bob ever actually respond to this blog…. I want to know why the FN did NOT air Rachael’s Vacation for two weeks even though it was scheduled… anyone know????????? BIG RR fan and I want to see Rachael’s Vacation.

  3. L Jeff says:

    That was his last post here. I guess this blog is shutting down or that’s how I interpreted his final post. He’s blogging over on FN Dish now.
    FN Dish link:

  4. Linda says:

    This blog has always been really hard to find anyway. See y’all on FN Dish, I guess!

  5. Cheft says:

    Bob are you no longer blogging ? I hope you at least write something at least once a month where we are able to ask questions about programming since you are the director of that. Really seeing the viewers opinion first hand is much better than second hand reports, which some times can be very bias. I know we are not all the viewers but we are a few who have the gumption to at least voice our opinions and views. Please return and at least give us a reason to write, because I have seen very little that is worth reading on FN. thank you a long time viewer

  6. kris says:

    hi rachel ilove your show

  7. Kathleen Suzanne Turner says:

    Please, please, please! Eliminate Debbie!!!!!!! Her dishonesty, selfishness, and manipulation is disturbing. I know you guys must see it! Let her go! Michael too! I know he’s made a couple of good things but I wouldn’t watch him if he was the ONLY person on the Food Network program. Please!

  8. URL says:

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