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First, thanks for all your posts.  I promise you, I read every single one.  As you can see, we have incredibly smart, passionate viewers. Who passionately disagree.  That’s inevitible when you have the large, diverse viewership we do.  Here’s a question that has come up a lot:

“How do you know what viewers like? How do you measure a ‘highly rated’ show?”:   

Like all networks, we use ratings provided by Nielsen.  They represent the 97 million U.S. homes that get Food Network and measure on a minute-by-minute basis how many viewers are watching each program on our schedule.  But we also supplement this with constant research by talking to our audience all across America.  Additionally, we read every one of the more than 20,000 viewer e-mails and letters that come in each month. 

You can imagine the broad range of interests, cooking levels, likes & dislikes of this incredibly diverse audience.  So we’re using every means at our disposal to make sure that we offer a wide range of programming that serves as many different sectors of our audience as possible.


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  1. K. Lee says:

    Lisa was intense but had a true passion for food) and I thought the pitch for her show was the most effective. That crazy stunt to have her fly up to get the wine was totally unfair to her. Now we’re stuck with “Big Daddy” whose half of the words I have a hard time understanding and whose culinary skills are mundane (see French Toast filled with Pie Filling from a Can…argh–even Aunt Sandy would not go there!)

  2. Pat says:

    You are not stuck with “Big Daddy”. There is a thing call on/off button. There are over a million more buttons turned on.

    It is amazing that you people talk about the show but you keep watching. The French Toast was great and it was the 5th show. You stilling watching?

    Lisa lost she may have had some talent but she did not have the “it”. Aaron has “it”. It would not take me five shows to determine I would not like Lisa’s show.

  3. Dick Isingnia says:

    McCArgo’s food is wretched. When I saw that pie filling from a can go into french toast I almost puked. Almost as bad the Neelys’ use of Cool Whip and Jello.

    Is this what black people like to eat. Please tell me because I am curious.

    This man is line cook that FN are trying to make into a fine dining chef. Not with crap like that.

  4. monique says:

    Look, some of us loyal Food Network readers have attempted to watch the Aaron mumble-thing. Fine, he’s on, my only issue was, interestingly.. diversity. Of PROGRAMMING, duh, as in FOOD diversity. Food after all is what this network is supposed to be about. Lisa lovers liked her different style, which was a new voice and vision, as opposed to this move to ‘simpify, kiddie-menu-out’ the food now being showcased so frequently. Again, another network is probably the way to go.

  5. Brandon says:

    Regarding Food Network, are there plans to expand to a second channel in the future? There seems to be a fairly substantial split among loyal FN followers about programming content. It seems logical that an entertainment based FN channel and a how-to (lack of better description) cooking FN channel could emerge.

    Thanks and appreciate your time updating us with the blog.

  6. Kathy says:

    The Chef Jeff Project is AWESOME.

  7. John says:

    Chef Jeff Project turns my stomach. This guy’s foundation, even his identity is his past mistakes in life. He constantly reminds the audience and the people around him of that fact. It’s old and beat to death; move on. I fully support helping young adults that may never get the chance to participate in the training being offered. I fully support those who have paid their dept to society and have become productive citizens. I do not support such arrogant pride that is the dominant focus, not the food not the opportunity for these young adults but this loud mouth who keeps telling everyone that in spite of his choice to break the law and pay the price for it, he’s here to save these young adults. This guy doesn’t seem to have a creative bone in his body. The ingenuity of the Food Network programs have given way to a self important line cook. I’m disappointed!

  8. Adam says:

    I have been checking out the videos from the NFNS applicants. It looks like you have a lot of great potential this year. We want cooking knowledge, interesting food and personality! Make it happen Bob!

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