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First, thanks for all your posts.  I promise you, I read every single one.  As you can see, we have incredibly smart, passionate viewers. Who passionately disagree.  That’s inevitible when you have the large, diverse viewership we do.  Here’s a question that has come up a lot:

“How do you know what viewers like? How do you measure a ‘highly rated’ show?”:   

Like all networks, we use ratings provided by Nielsen.  They represent the 97 million U.S. homes that get Food Network and measure on a minute-by-minute basis how many viewers are watching each program on our schedule.  But we also supplement this with constant research by talking to our audience all across America.  Additionally, we read every one of the more than 20,000 viewer e-mails and letters that come in each month. 

You can imagine the broad range of interests, cooking levels, likes & dislikes of this incredibly diverse audience.  So we’re using every means at our disposal to make sure that we offer a wide range of programming that serves as many different sectors of our audience as possible.


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  1. Phillip says:

    Hello Bob…Thank you for taking the time to read all of our responses. My comment to you is that I am a little miffed with your blog so far. I was under the impression that you would use it to answer questions that viewers brought forth; however, so far you have made little effort to do so. I would hope that in future posts you take a little time to answer more of them. Thank you for your time!

  2. Lisa says:

    This viewer likes anything with Alton Brown!

  3. Jeff says:

    And I thought Emeril Lagasse was kidding when he wisecracked to an audience member that “90 million people are watching!” (Was he right!?)

  4. Sheila says:

    Hi Bob,
    I think you do answer the questions we ask- you just have to Blog with a wide brush because you have programs that you are in charge of. Yes, the shows offer something for everyone. By, the way people have you heard of TIVO?

    Thanks for wht you do,

  5. Robyn says:

    Hey Bob,
    How about having more shows where the chefs and celebs get together and actually cook together. It would have been fun to watch the show hosts throw Giada a baby shower or have them all together again for Thanksgiving dinner and our winter holidays. ~ Robyn

  6. monique says:

    Bob: Read ‘em all. Answer questions? Trust me, I’ll track ‘em.
    Question: Changing viewing for folksy, southern, mac’n’cheesy, etc.etc: Paid off for your network short-term, long-term? seriously, the demographics are changing for you guys, and you’ve heard the expression: jack of all trades, master of none.. Work for you REALLY?? And does Aaron, bless him, use fifty takes to get through one show still? Money spent on the director, photography time, film or whatever, etc. When you had OBVIOUS talent that was seamless, flexible and intelligent. Yeah, alot of us are pretty torqued still with your network’s handling of Miss Lisa. Such as, Guy Fieri rolling his eyes because she needed a few takes to fly up that crazy Aureole wine tower in a fabu cat suit, while Bobby Flay lovingly massaged Aaron to babble remarks at a craps table. Super even, huh. I’m thinking you and your colleagues are deeply embarassed by the bogus sales pitch given as to what went down.

  7. IBCHEFT says:

    To all who wanted to know if we heard of TIVO, yes and I have DVR but reverse the shows put everything that is on Saturday and Sunday mornings on during the evening hours and put all those reruns on weekend mornings and use your TIVO, not as easy as it seems being you have to work around other people in the household to get a chance to get to record them. All we are asking is that the shows be aired one hour a night during the week for instructional cooking and you all can have your challenges and travel and dinning out rerun shows the other 3 hours. IS that really to much to ask ? and if Nielson is rating why have I never been asked in almost 60 years to be part of it, oh I do not fit the demographics, but I have watched the network for way over 15 years.

  8. Shelley says:

    I’m stunned that so many people are whining about Lisa Garza. I thought she stank, and I have zero interest in seeing her on your network.

    Thanks for handling questions, Bob. And for putting up with our rants. ;)

  9. Cheft says:

    Shelly, really evidently many other people like Lisa, I did. Thought she had a lot to offer, but like others you are entitled to your opinion and the voice to state it, must be you have smell-a- vision, I never seen anything she cooked that wasn’t done, wasn’t plated and did not look nice. As with some of the other contestants. But like others have stated I think the show was set to bring one winner and one winner only, it was known before they even begin production but you will never here that from them and probably will not get to see this post.

  10. Lia says:

    Bob. If I hear one more we love Lisa comment and you only picked Aaron to cater to the black demographics, I will die.

    Your choice of Aaron was on the mark.

    Many of my friends talked about me because I am a FN fan. There was no connection until shows like Aaron. Now my friends are becoming bigger fans than me.

    We buy the products advertised on FN; we support and appreciate the cooking stars. Why shouldn’t there be shows that make us feel comfortable and reminds us of the meals that we grew up with. You have approximately 19 hours of air time. There are (4) 30-minute shows being hosted by non-traditional FN stars.

    Please Bob, please do not let these people stop you from having diversity.

    PS: We are having problems not being able to see Aaron. We need a little of “Big Daddy’s House” now!

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