Kelsey Shares Family Secrets

by in View All Posts, October 22nd, 2008

Kelsey Nixon (The Next Food Network Star, Season 4) stopped by the offices during a visit to NYC last week. Her recipe card has been full but she always takes time for friends.

Believe it or not, she actually got married after the whirlwind of TNFNS4 — only a mini-Martha like Kelsey could have pulled off planning in that time crunch. She shared this adorable picture of her new hubby, Robby, from their big day:

Pass by Bob Tuschman’s office, and you’ll even see the pic posted up on his wall!

Kelsey revealed that Robby isn’t a huge cook but enjoys baking when she does drag him into the kitchen. She also shared her special tradition of gathering the whole family together every Sunday night, to dine on breakfast for dinner. It’s unclear what the Nixon clan actually eats in the morning… Her famed secret weapon is thick-cut French Toast with warm Maple Pecan Syrup.

Check out Kelsey’s website and her retro blog, The Retrospective Kitchen.

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