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On the top floor of our offices at Chelsea Market are a series of state of the art kitchens where recipes are constantly developed, tested and prepared for shows, as well as our two studios. It’s here we shoot Iron Chef America, 30 Minute Meals, Guy’s Big Bite, Tyler’s Ultimate, Cooking for Real, The Next Food Network Star, Ultimate Recipe Showdown, Essence of Emeril and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

We just finished taping Season 2 of Ultimate Recipe Showdown : 24 of America’s top home cooks compete to cook the ultimate recipes in 6 different categories. Guy Fieri hosts, and it’s always a kick to have Guy in the house.  Bonus question, did you happen to see Guy sitting in the audience (front row, natch) of the season premiere of Saturday Night Live ? That shock of blond spikes rising from his head is unmistakable. (Ultimate Recipe Showdown premieres Sun,  January 4th).

Speaking of Guy, have you caught Guy Off The Hook? It’s a new show on Sundays at 1:30pm ET/12:30 CT.  Guy has wanted to do an audience show since he started on air.  In fact, the show he pitched when he won The Next Food Network Star was called “Off the Hook”.  (But we changed it to “Guy’s Big Bite”)  Last February, I sat in the audience at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival and watched Guy as he tore up the house — a funny, electrifying, interactive cooking demo in front of hundreds of fans.  I knew then he was ready. We taped a first season of 6 eps to test out the concept, so let me know what you think.

That’s it from where I sit.  I’ll answer more of your questions shortly.


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Comments (48)

  1. Art says:

    I’m so happy to find that I am not alone in my extreme dislike of Guy. Everything about him is phony. I though that Emeril had mastered the art of being obnoxious. Wrong – Guy has him topped. I plan to watch nothing that has Guy in it which means that I will miss a good part of Food Network’s programming. I used to be a truly loyal viewer. Bob, I blame you for changing that.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My mom used to love watching Paula’s Party–until she started having the celebrity guests on. Most of them don’t even know how to cook! All they’re there to do is plug something–a new CD, a new book, etc. It takes the focus away from cooking and onto the celebrity, and lately mom hasn’t been watching the shows. Also, why did the show move to NY? Take it back to Savannah!

    Another comment–I wish FN would show FN Canada shows, especially Chef At Home and Chef Abroad. I LOVE Chef At Home–Discovery Home used to air it but when it changed to Planet Green they stopped airing it. The show can be seen on Food Network Canada’s website–but only if you LIVE in Canada.

    I used to watch FN all the time, especially at night, but now that they show the reality type programming at night, I don’t watch. I would rather watch a cooking show at night than any reality show you air.

  3. Becca says:

    I realize that a lot of people like Guy. (Unfortunately I am not one of them.) But this doesn’t mean he has to be on ALL the time, does it? I used to watch FN all the time, now it’s just weekend mornings and even then I am constantly subjected to commercials showing him stuffing his face. Besides Alton, I never watch in prime time anymore.

    Speaking of which, would it kill you to have one weeknight showing the new episodes that aired over the weekend? And I would love to see an occasional FN “retro” day where you show some early FN shows. I have lots more ideas if you are interested.

  4. Jerry says:

    Guy=Phony. I didn’t watch his season of tnfns, so he just sort of took over my favorite cable channel, seemingly from nowhere and I tend to watch less as a result.

    Further, I don’t know anyone who likes him! Some like DDD, but still dislike Guy and how much he gets in the way. ‘Mugging’ is the perfect term for it, the people at those cool little joints deserve better.

  5. Carrie says:

    Hi Bob, I’ve got to say that I am not impressed with the new web site. Its a lot less user friendly than your previous version and I was really looking forward to the update because one was most certainly needed.
    As for the negative comments on Guy, all I can say is that I’m from So. Cal and his style is like everyone else here. In fact except for Aaron who was my pick from the beginning, Guy is the only other talent to come from NFNS that I have truly and deeply enjoyed. So keep doing the great work!

  6. monique says:

    Hi Bob.
    Agree with the remaks re: ‘oversaturation': Guy, Bobby, Paula, Alton…enuf!! Also, man-up: enough of us out here want to know WHEN we will see Lisa Garza on your station. By the way, my two kids aged 7 and 9 eat real food in real restaurants, i.e. NOT the ‘kiddie menu’ garbage. Stop trying to dummy down good food right now. Clearly if you read Bon Appetit or Gourmet you’ll see that the bulk of us foodies do NOT need five hundred recipes for mac’n’cheese, something we can all whip up in a few minutes sans recipes.

  7. Richard Isingnia says:


    You need to take Guy aside and let him know a few things about etiquette.

    While he is engaging on DDD’s, he ruins the illusion when he starts his eating routine. He needs to close his mouth and not talk at all when food is present in his mouth. Sadly, it is not just Guy who is guilty of this, but numerous other FN personalities. Have a word with them too if possible.
    I still have nightmares reliving the peanut burger episode when Fee-etti ate the PBburger and most of the PB ended up in his facial hair. Oh my. Listen I know Guy wasn’t raised by cavemen,so you need to talk to him. He doesn’t need a Swiss finishing school , just a quick 3 hour tutorial. I’m sure you have people at FN who can coach him. Other than that I enjoy his enthusiasm, but dread the eating part of his show.

  8. Little ol' Liz says:

    I like Guy!
    Not too brainy.
    Not too stuffy French.

    He’s fun like Duff but with Red Bull added. I’d just have to “ditto” the comments about taking care not to overexpose his abilities.

    I find it hard to believe FN can’t find a couple of professionals that are the complete package, but seeing that we may be looking at the end of the Rock Star Chefs era, I wonder what FN will do to re-invent itself?

  9. belinda says:

    What happened to Big Daddy’s House. It was a great show.

  10. Cindy says:

    This is a first for me.

    I never liked Guy until DDD. Having not liked his original show I’m positive I won’t watch the new one. As others have said it seems like over kill with him to the point it turns you off. Also the newer shows like Paul’s party and now this one don’t work for me. We watch Foodnetwork for cooking ideas not gabing and plugging something. At first Paula’s Party was ok to watch however the last few that I have watched were so crazy I haven’t watched since.

    As a former FN addict esp. Saturday mornings a few years back. I watch maybe one or two shows at most now. I just read my cooking light or Taste of home cookbooks now. This has been a good thing for me of course however maybe not what the FN wanted to happen.

    As far as eve. shows I do like the new food detective with Ted Allen. As mentioned Paul’s Party is noramlly skipped.

    Thanks for the new blog.

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