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by in View All Posts, October 24th, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, FN staffers are not treated to mind-blowing tastings and delicious snack breaks daily. We pack lunches or grab take-out like everyone else. However, special occasions sneak up on us and when they do, they are not to be missed.

Food Network recently launched its brand-new magazine (which makes me insanely hungry every time I thumb through it). To celebrate, our test kitchen chefs served up one feature called 50 Toast Toppers. It’s my guess that our diligent cooks actually tackled all 50 but I lost count somewhere around 27.

The spread was bountiful and impressive which triggered a somewhat embarrassing stomach growl when I walked in. The base for each app was a baked round of French bread, brushed with creamy salted butter. Atop each was a tiny explosion of flavor, whether a bite of gorgonzola, fig jam and prosciutto or hummus with olive tapenade. Sweet and savory made appearances as the team served up tender blue crab with wasabi mayo, an addictive Nutella with tangy orange marmalade and butter-sautéed apples with thinly-sliced ham. The formula was only broken with bite-sized versions of Tyler’s Ultimate Pumpkin Pie. (the dessert featured on the cover). Silky. Sweet. Tart. Crunchy. YUM!

The spread looked complex for a beginner cook like myself. However, a chef confided to me that prep was actually simple. Apparently, I could knock out these toast toppers without issue (or fire alarm). With the holidays around the corner, I’m looking for easy.

Better yet, they are all featured in a pull-out booklet that can live with your cookbooks. Get details on the new FN magazine here.

And don’t miss when Bruce sits down with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Maile Carpenter, on Monday.

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Comments (4)

  1. Robin Koury says:

    Loved the premiere issue of the new Food Network magazine. I was fortunate enough to pick up my copy at the Chelsea After Dark party. The photos are for lack of a better word are mouthwatering while the recipes are clear and easy to follow. Best of all the recipes are both time and budget friendly!! I can’t wait for the next issue…The thought of all the holiday delights that are sure to be featured sends my taste buds into a frenzy!

  2. Theresa Eisler says:

    This is not a comment on the magazine. It is a comment or two regarding Ina Garten. I adore her and her mannor of cooking. I was so sad not seeing her on the Network but am so happy she is back. The is my ultimate favorite. Thank you Ina.

  3. Karen says:

    I LOVE the magazine. However, don’t look at it on an empty stomach! I got it on Friday and cooked out of it on Saturday. LOVE IT!!!!! Keep it coming.


    This is to inform all of the foodnetwork chefs, that i justadore you all,you have inspired me totry different dishes,and my three favorites are ina garten,giada and of course paula dean,keep on doing what you do best, if i had one wish, it would be for me to go and see you live cooking.love you.

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