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Wondering what this blog will be about? First and foremost: all your questions about the network will be answered. Programming. Stars. Behind the scenes. I’ll try to pack in as many as I can. So start sending me your questions now. Give me your best.

This is the place to hear it all first: what I’m screening, what’s taping in our studios, what’s going to be on our air, and all the buzz from the kitchens, sets and hallways.

Just so you don’t waste your questions, here are the Top Five I get asked most frequently:

Who is your favorite star? Hey parents, who is your favorite kid? You love ‘em all. But for different reasons. Even when they’re difficult. Even when their grades are low. Even when they crayon on the walls. But mostly because you see the unique talents of each one. And they’re your family. Same with me.

Who’s your least favorite star? See above.

Why don’t you weigh 500 pounds? Well, you’d think our offices would be overflowing with leftovers from the Iron Chefs, Rachael and Tyler. No such luck. While all the food cooked on shows is 100% real, it’s also 100% off limits to staff. After an episode tapes, food often needs to be held under hot lights and photographed for beauty shots. My lunch most days? A tuna or peanut butter sandwich while screening shows. So much for glamour.

What’s the worst pitch you’ve ever gotten? We’ve seen it all. Drag cooking shows. Puppet cooking shows. Silent cooking shows. But my favorite was Gladiator Cooking, complete with a dude whipping up recipes in full Spartacus regalia. So random.

Did you ever put on a show so bad you thought you’d be fired? Well, it is tv, so there’s still time. But the show that had me most nervous turned out to be a game changer and huge hit for us: 30 Minutes Meals. Rachael was the first non-professional, non-culinarily trained chef on our air. It was a huge risk, and I got hideously angry email from some longtime viewers. But I loved Rachael’s down to earth approach, her “can do” message, and her clever recipes. You know the rest.

Now it’s your turn.  Fire your questions to me.  I’ll be back shortly with all the news from where I sit.




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Comments (70)

  1. Wisconsin Mom says:

    Where is The Cooking Loft? Finally, you get a show that is intelligent and informative, and take it off the air for what? Ask Aida? The Food Detectives? Now I am really questioning your intelligence!

  2. Wisconsin Mom says:

    Sorry, Bob. Mt favorite show was on, but another show was listed in that time slot. Someone screwed up!

  3. NRI says:

    I love Jamie at Home! Have you dumped him? I looked at the future schedule and he shows up at 6:30 AM Central time. I had to set my alarm to watch him when he was on at 8:30. I can’t get up at 6:30 on Saturdays to watch reruns. Please bring him back at a reasonable hour!

  4. miseennplace says:

    I adore Alton Brown! Feasting on Waves was awesome. I’ve learned so much from Good Eats.

    Let AB do as many shows as he wants! He’s the best thing on FN. :)

  5. brenda says:

    FN was my favorite but since you changed home page it is awful. very slow and not a friendly website. give us more tyler florence and ann burrell. what a hoot. iron chef doesn’t help me at all.

  6. Jayne Varnes says:

    I agree with Brenda. The new website format is very awkward – very difficult to move around in.

  7. Gael says:

    I’m so glad that a fellow viewer is also distracted by the music track on some shows. I find them annoying as well…especially on Bobby Flay’s shows. He is great to watch, but tone down the music while he’s speaking. I’m a huge fan of Alton, Tyler and especially Ina. Her show is relaxing and not at all rushed in the 30 minute format. I also want to comment on the awkward new web format. It takes forever to navigate. Please make it easier. Thank You.

  8. cindy dugan says:

    I am the ultimate fan of foodnetwork! But very disapointed with the new web site.I have to much trouble printing any recipe or visiting different sites.Sorry the change was made.

  9. Teresa Beard says:

    Art: I agree, remember the Two Hot Tamales?
    And K Lee: right on, Rachaels voice is most icksome,cannot watch ANYTHING she’s on.

  10. Teresa Beard says:

    I did notice Guy on SNL! And it was the hair :)

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