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Wondering what this blog will be about? First and foremost: all your questions about the network will be answered. Programming. Stars. Behind the scenes. I’ll try to pack in as many as I can. So start sending me your questions now. Give me your best.

This is the place to hear it all first: what I’m screening, what’s taping in our studios, what’s going to be on our air, and all the buzz from the kitchens, sets and hallways.

Just so you don’t waste your questions, here are the Top Five I get asked most frequently:

Who is your favorite star? Hey parents, who is your favorite kid? You love ‘em all. But for different reasons. Even when they’re difficult. Even when their grades are low. Even when they crayon on the walls. But mostly because you see the unique talents of each one. And they’re your family. Same with me.

Who’s your least favorite star? See above.

Why don’t you weigh 500 pounds? Well, you’d think our offices would be overflowing with leftovers from the Iron Chefs, Rachael and Tyler. No such luck. While all the food cooked on shows is 100% real, it’s also 100% off limits to staff. After an episode tapes, food often needs to be held under hot lights and photographed for beauty shots. My lunch most days? A tuna or peanut butter sandwich while screening shows. So much for glamour.

What’s the worst pitch you’ve ever gotten? We’ve seen it all. Drag cooking shows. Puppet cooking shows. Silent cooking shows. But my favorite was Gladiator Cooking, complete with a dude whipping up recipes in full Spartacus regalia. So random.

Did you ever put on a show so bad you thought you’d be fired? Well, it is tv, so there’s still time. But the show that had me most nervous turned out to be a game changer and huge hit for us: 30 Minutes Meals. Rachael was the first non-professional, non-culinarily trained chef on our air. It was a huge risk, and I got hideously angry email from some longtime viewers. But I loved Rachael’s down to earth approach, her “can do” message, and her clever recipes. You know the rest.

Now it’s your turn.  Fire your questions to me.  I’ll be back shortly with all the news from where I sit.




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Comments (70)

  1. Nancy Bradford says:

    I’m not overly fond of your new format (actually I don’t like it at all). It is very difficult to find back programs. I much preferred the calandar.

  2. Art says:

    I was relieved when Emeril was relegated to your sister channel, then you bring in Guy. Equally abrasive and annoying. And what is it his affected pronunciation of his last name?!

    Bring back Sara Moulton, David Rosengarten and all the other knowledgeable people who put Food Network on the map in the first place.

  3. Theresa Gamble says:

    Where’s Michael Chiarello and Mario Batali?? I love Bobby Flay, Giada,and Ina. Guy is entertaining,as are Paula and Alton, but some of your novices…as soon as they come on, I change the channel!

  4. Robyn says:

    Hi Bob! I’m glad you’re starting a blog. There are many times I wanted to comment on the programming and I felt like I wasn’t being heard. For the most part, I really enjoy the channel. I probably have it on the majority of the time. It is one of the few channels you can have on while watching TV with your family. Therefore, I really don’t think that everyone needs to make a cocktail at the end of their program. We don’t need to see our hosts booze it up. What is that portraying to our children? When Sandra Lee creates a “Kiddy cocktail” that is really sending the wrong message. I also wanted to say that I miss Emeril, too. ~ Robyn

  5. Marla says:

    Hey, Bob, Ina’s new shows start on October 18, not the 19th. The date is wrong on both your blog and the FN program site.

  6. Sheila says:

    Hi Bob,

    I notice that the studio cooking shows do not show brand names of products. When I watch Paula & “Simply Delicioso I can see products from Publix grocery. Is this because the FN stars shoot their programs from the homes?

  7. K. Lee says:

    Love the Food Network! But can you please have some of your stars “tone down” their personalities so we can enjoy them again, like Paula, I miss the old Paula! I used to love her, I still watch her shows but Paula’s Party is an embarrasment, even though I watch it’s like watching a train wreck. Rachael’s raspy voice now is so distracting. Please have “Big Daddy” take some diction lessons, he is hard to understand. I like the Neelys but Gina also needs some “toning down” and enough with the lovey dovey interaction, it looks fake! Give Lisa Garza a show. And finally, please don’t mess with my INA, she’s the goddess of the FN! I’m looking forward to her new shows.

  8. Hey, Bob!

    You haven’t posted since 9/23. According to the experts, when you start a new blog you should post twice a week to start, then once a week thereafter!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Hi Bob:

    We find the musical addition to the background of many shows to be very distracting, if not totally annoying. We’ve resorted to muting some shows. Is there any review process in place on what people are saying on that issue?

  10. Sally Moore says:

    Hi Bob
    Really like the Food Network and everything about it. However, I absolutely do not care for your new web format. I find it difficult to maneuver and more time consuming to get recipes, forward to future shows, recipes, etc. Also, there seems to be a time lapse from the time I click on to move the page down, etc. and the actual action. This is most frustrating… it was not like that in your old format. Maybe it is just my computer. I’m a long time fan and enjoy many of your shows on a daily basis. Since starting to watch your shows years ago, I have accumulated a card file full of favorite recipes. I have gained the reputation of being a very good cook (using FN recipes exclusively). Thank you. Also, thanks for putting Anne Burrell back on your Saturday schedule. I look forward to seeing her again, as we find her very, very entertaining as well as informative.

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