Delightfully Floral Treats for Mom That Beat Out the Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers will never go out of style, but these fresh, floral spins on Mom’s favorite things will have her feeling all warm and fuzzy on her special day.

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Mint Julep Everything

If there ever was an antidote to a hot summer day, the beloved Southern cocktail, the mint julep, is it. Celebrate the Kentucky Derby, or find any excuse to savor these minty, bourbon-spiked desserts inspired by the drink.

Mint Julep-Inspired Desserts You Better Race Toward — and Fast

Trust us, even after the horses cross the finish line at the Kentucky Derby, you’ll find any excuse to down these refreshing, bourbon-spiked desserts .

Food Network Star Finalists Answer: “Who’s Been Your Culinary Mentor So Far?”

Find out whom the Food Network Star finalists credit with instilling in them a foundation for learning in the kitchen.

6 Recipes That Prove Smashed Is the New Mashed

Before obliterating your veggies beyond recognition, those who dig more texture in their food should exercise some restraint and adopt a chunkier approach: what we like to call the “smash.”

Latest Food Network Pins on Pinterest

  • Recipe of the Day: Mint Julep Cupcakes Whether you're dusting off your Derby hat or simply can't resist the promise of minty, bourbon-spiked refreshment, these prize-worthy treats will be the "quadruple crown" winner at your Kentucky Derby party. Each one comes with vanilla-bourbon batter, plus a cloud of minty bourbon frosting.

  • Recipe of the Day: Frozen Mango Margaritas Rev your blenders! Before you go anywhere near highlighter-yellow mix, blend Ree's super-fresh margarita instead. Rimmed with lime sugar, these fruity margaritas take just ten minutes to make (and they can be made kid-friendly with lemon-lime soda).

  • Recipe of the Day: Tacos Carne Asada It's Tyler's citrusy green mojo marinade that gives juicy flank steak plenty of kick. After the meat cooks to tender, juicy perfection, slice it up and swaddle in corn tortillas with all the fixings for the ultimate taco night.

  • Recipe of the Day: Fan-Favorite Turkey Meatloaf Leave it to Ina to make a turkey meatloaf so moist and hearty that you'd never guess it was, well, turkey. Her recipe calls for a whopping five pounds of ground meat but, trust us, you'll be thankful for every bit. Any leftovers are amazing sliced up for sandwiches.

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