Best 5 Thanksgiving Cocktails

Raise a glass to the holiday season with these best-ever cocktail recipes ideal for Thanksgiving entertaining.

Food Network Favorites Share Breakfast with Local Schoolchildren

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most-important meal of the day, but nevertheless many children go to school hungry, having not had breakfast at home beforehand. That’s where No Kid Hungry comes in. This nonprofit organization is committed to helping end childhood hunger, and recently a few Food Network favorites teamed up with No KidRead more

5 Foods That Are Not Really Your Best Friends

Watch out for five unassuming foods that rake in the calories, whether you realize it or not.

Kids Should Eat Furikake and Other Wisdom on Cooking with Kids from Alain Ducasse

A multi-Michelin-starred French chef and father of three, Alain Ducasse, shares his focus on vegetables and why he introduces his kids to truffles and other unusual foods.

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips from Bobby and Friends

Hear from Bobby and friends as they share good-to-know turkey day tips ahead of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.


Pecan Tassies — Down-Home Comfort

Get Virginia Willis’ recipe for Pecan Tassies, i.e. bite-size pecan pies. They’re perfect for holiday festivities and easy to prepare.

Fun Thanksgiving Projects for Kids

This Thanksgiving, set the kids up with one of these fun projects. Little kids can roll cheese balls and cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and older kids can do more-complicated projects like creating a turkey-shaped veggie platter.

The Big Book of Sides — Off the Shelf

Add The Big Book of Sides by Rick Rodgers to your cookbook collection and you’ll never wonder what you’re going to serve with dinner again.

Thanksgiving Hacks from The Kitchen Co-Hosts

The cast of The Kitchen reveals timesaving tricks for preparing an enjoyable Thanksgiving feast.

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London’s Borough Market has unveiled The Real Apple Store, a giant apple exhibit made to look like an Apple Store.

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